Excellent Tutorials

Posted by Robert Swanson on 3/17/2016

     Students and Parents, with the end of the year exams approaching, many of you may wish to refresh your memory on Spanish grammar. Click here, and view a wide range of short videos explaining various aspects of Spanish grammar, that "necessary evil" which can bring together all your random vocabulary to form a clear message!  Scroll down the "homework help" page and click on the yellow tab marked "Lesson 101"  for the various topics.

     (Please note that you will need to have "Quicktime" installed as your video viewing software;  if you don't, you will only hear the audio, and should click on the Quicktime link to download and install or update it on your computer.)

     Our class textbook is also available online by clicking this link.  You will need to contact me in order to get your username and password, but this is an excellent way to finish assignments and review at home!  At a minimum, use it to review your vocabulary, as found in the chapter review pages at the end of each section.