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Bulldog Bulletin for the Week of May 23rd


5/26- 5th Grade Middle School Meeting

5/27th-6/1- EOGs 3rd-5th

6/7- Field Day

6/8- Fun Run/ 5th Grade Kickball Game

6/9- 5th Grade Moving Up Ceremony @10:00

6/10- Last Day of School


No Drop Off or Pick Up on Pond Street


As a reminder, you may not pick up or drop off your student on Pond Street. If you are picking up as a walker, you must walk up. If you are in your car you must get in the carpool lane. You will be redirected to carpool if you pull up on Pond Street. Thanks for helping to keep everyone safe. 


Grounds Day- Saturday, 21st from 9 to 12!


  • Our goal is to clean up two outdoor seating areas for students and fix one garden bed. Please come and help!
  • Please meet us in the bus loop near the map.
  • {lease bring any of the following or just family!
    • Rake
    • Wheel barrow
    • Blower
    • Trimmer
  • Can’t be there but wanna help. You could let Mrs. Nelson know you can send any of the following items we need by this Friday:
    • 20 lawn bags
    • 2- 2x6 x12ft untreated boards
    • 1- 2x6x8ft untreated board




  • Friday, May 27th- 5th Grade Science and 4th Grade Math
  • Tuesday, May 31st- 3rd-5th Grade Reading
  • Wednesday, June 1st- 3rd and 5th Grade Math


Please make sure to plan around these dates. It is important for students to be at school for the tests. Tests start at 9:30 and typically run to 12:00. Here is a link with more information.



Mrs. Nelson


Sign Up to help with Field Day


Briarcliff Elementary 2022 Field Day

Field Day Organization    K-1 will divide their classes in half.  Teachers will guide one group and either a TA or parent volunteer will guide the other.  Each group will start on a specific number and rotate every 5 minutes.  I will use the fog horn when it’s time to switch games. 2-3 & 4-5 will divide your class into partners (they may choose their partners if you wish) with whom they will go to the stations.  They Must stay with their partner while participation in Field Day. If there is an odd number, try to pair the extra person with someone from another class.  If not put 3 in a group and they can take turns participating with each other. There are 20 stations around the playground.  K-1 will have 2 hours because it takes longer to rotate centers.  There is no limit as to how many times they can do a station, with the exception of our dunking station, which can only be done 1 time. Appropriate shoes/clothing must be worn – play clothes and tennis shoes.   No flip flops, sandals, crocs,


Before and Afterschool for 22-23 School Year


Please complete this form if you are interested in Before and After School Care for next year. They have not yet shared the rates for next year. They will have a registration fee of $15.00, but we are not collecting that money yet.

Kirk of Kildaire Summer Information


Summer Program


  • Free breakfast and lunch
  • Classes for all ages – from infants to adults
  • For children, classes include reading, math, games, art, including a soccer coach!
  • For adults, there are English classes
  • Runs from June 22 to Aug 12 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.
  • Vaccination is required for those eligible.


Sign up at:



Kirk of Kildaire Support Events


  • Vaccination clinics on May 26, June 9, June 23. They are from 3 to 7 PM. No appointment or identification is needed. They plan to give all vaccines – – first shot, second shot, first booster, second booster. This is with the mobile unit so it is in our parking lot. The health workers speak Spanish.


  • Food distribution this weekend which will include vegetables, diapers, and pet food. This is from 10 to 12.


  • June 18 we will have another food distribution which will also include a pop-up Clothes distribution from A Note in the pocket. These are both from 10 to 12. No identification or anything is needed.