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Bulldog Bulletin for the week of 12/6/21



12/3- Interims Go Home via Email

12/14- PTA Meeting at 7pm-CHANGE

12/20-½- No SCHOOL

1/14- End of Quarter

1/17-1/18- No SCHOOL



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An ask from Mrs. Nelson!- Due December 8th to Office

We are trying to make sure every single staff member or WCPSS staff that works directly with our students have at least 5 cards of appreciation. Please help us by signing up to create a card. Please try to keep this a secret and turn the cards into the office. You can have your student drop them off or stop by yourself. Please make sure the card has a picture, a staff member's name, and a note. Please sign up from the list below and turn them in by December 8th. If you want to make one for your child’s teacher and slots are full that is fine, but please help us with other staff as well. 

Here is the link.


Mrs. Nelson


Optional Covdid 19 Pool Testing

Dear Parents,


Our school, in partnership with MAKO Medical, will begin offering weekly, on-campus COVID-19 testing for students and staff. COVID-19 testing is an effective way to reduce transmission, especially when layered with other measures. 


We strongly recommend all families participate in this free program. Participation helps safeguard the entire school community and gives you information to help you keep your children healthy. 


Participation in the program is voluntary. A parent or guardian must register any K-12 student under 18 years old in order for a COVID-19 test to be administered. Pre-K students who attend school within K-12 school buildings are eligible for the state-approved vendor testing with Mako. However, Pre-K students who attend school outside of K-12 school buildings are not eligible for the state-approved vendor testing with Mako.

The testing is simple: Trained MAKO Medical staff quickly and gently swab students’ noses. They place all the swabs in a single tube (that’s the pooling step). The samples in that tube are then tested as a single sample, using one test. If a positive test is received, everyone in the “pool” will return to school the next day to take another test to identify the person who tested positive for COVID-19. Learn more about pooled testing. 


For More Information > 

Register Here


Thank you for helping to keep our school community safe and healthy.  


Lori Nelson

Principal and Lead Learner