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Virtual Open House

Virtual Open House


Due to safety concerns, we will be holding Open House virtually this school year on October 5th at 6:30. Here are a few details:



  • Please watch the grade level and Administration videos below prior to  10/5/21.








  • On 10/5/21 from 6:30-7:00  you will be able to join a live grade level link for a Q & A. 
    • Have your student log in to their Wake ID
    • Click on Google Meet
    • Where it asks for a code or Nickname the use the underlined code from below:
      • Kindergarten- BESK
      • First Grade- BES1
      • Second Grade- BES2
      • Third Grade- BES3
      • Fourth Grade- BES4
      • Fifth Grade- BES5



  • Join the Virtual PTA Meeting from 7:00-8:00. This link will be dropped in the Q&A at the end.