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Bulldog Bulletin for the Week of August 16th

Mark Your Calendar for Upcoming Events


8/19- 1st-5th Grade Meet the Teacher 

8/23- 1st- 5th Grade First Day of School

8/23-8/25- Kindergarten Staggered Entry

8/26- Kindergarten Meet the Teacher from 6:00-7:00pm

8/30- First Day with ALL Kindergartners

9/6- No SCHOOL- Holiday

9/7- No SCHOOL- Workday

9/7- PTA Meeting @ 7:00 pm

9/15- Family Picnic 5:30 and Curriculum Night 6:30

9/16- No School- Workday




Our classroom teachers will begin utilizing TalkingPoints this year as the main tool for teacher-parent communication. Here is a brief overview of the tool.


Please take a moment to download the app and follow this guideline on how to set up your account.


Parents can also change the language on TalkingPoint. Follow this guide to learn how to change the language.


Sign Up for Transportation


Please make sure you have signed up for transportation if you wish to utilize this service at the beginning of the school year. Follow this link for more information.


Bus Routes will be published the week prior to school starting and shared with families and posted on our website. We will communicate with families once the information is available.


Volunteers and Guests

Although we will open with only allowing essential staff and support, we are asking parents to complete this process with the hopes we can get back to having volunteers. 

2021-22 Volunteer Procedures 

Following are the procedures for reactivation for continuing volunteers and the process for new volunteers to obtain Criminal Record Check (CRC) clearance in 2021-22.  


  • N.C. Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHS) Guidelines


These guidelines currently limit non-essential visitors and activities involving external groups or organizations.  Principals have the discretion to determine whether a visitor is essential.  If the principal determines that the visitor is essential to an activity or daily operations of the school, he or she may permit the visitor to be on campus.


  • Volunteer or Guest?


Guests are visitors who are never left alone with students. They do not need background checks. Typical examples would include speakers, presenters, and community members/parents attending a school event. 

Volunteers are visitors who may be alone with students at any point, including in a virtual setting. Volunteers do require background checks. There are no "levels" of volunteer status. You are either a volunteer who may be alone with students or you aren't. Typical examples range from a community volunteer who reads with a child to an overnight chaperone, as well as field day workers, testing proctors, and volunteer coaches. The same background check is done for every type of volunteer.  


  •  Reactivation for Continuing Volunteers for 2021-2022


Reactivating volunteers may go to any WCPSS work site and register through by selecting the Community tab, and then selecting Volunteer. You may also come during Meet the Teacher to reactivate your account. Stations will be set up outside. Individuals previously approved to volunteer must reactivate by 4 p.m. on October 29, 2021, as this is when the window will close. Current volunteers, who provided a valid email address, will receive an email 15 days and 30 days prior to the expiration of their volunteer status reminding them to reactivate.


  •  New Volunteers for 2021-2022


All new volunteer applicants must register and have an approved criminal record check prior to engaging in volunteer work. New volunteer applicants may go to any WCPSS work site and register through by selecting the Community tab, and then selecting Volunteer. You may also come during Meet the Teacher to reactivate your account. Stations will be set up outside. Applicants will be notified by email once their application has been approved. Applicants who are not approved will receive notice from Employee Relations.


  •  Appeal Process


Any volunteer applicant who may be denied volunteer status based on a criminal record check will receive notification through the CRC vendor of the process to dispute the accuracy or completeness of the information in the criminal record.




The only supplies that are required for this school year are a bookbag and a water bottle clearly labeled with your child’s name. All other supplies have been provided by the school.  




Kindergarteners, students who did not get one last year, and students new to Briarcliff will receive a Chromebook.  Students who are eligible for an upgrade will get one as well (this is decided by WCPSS). These will be passed out to students during the first two weeks of school.




We are excited to get clubs started this year. Due to the current COVID variant, we will not hold clubs in the first quarter. We will reevaluate at the end of the first quarter as to if we will be able to safely start them in October.