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Important Update

Dear Bulldog Families,


Throughout the past few weeks there have been several updates from the CDC, NC DHHS, and the NC Department of Public Instruction, and the WCPSS Board of Education regarding face-to-face instruction for students. Below is an overview of the most recent decisions and the ways they could impact our school. 


  • Yesterday the WCPSS Board of Education approved a plan that will allow students in grades 6-12 the choice of returning to Plan A instruction in April.


  • Also, in accordance with the recently passed legislation of Senate Bill 220, all families including K-5 families, who want to change their student to or from the Virtual Academy, will need to communicate this to our school by April 1. 


  • Changes for students who want to move to or from Virtual Academy will be implemented no later than April 19. This additional time will allow for any necessary changes to student or teacher schedules.


  • Mrs. Nelson will host an optional information session for families this Wednesday, March 24th  from 6:30-7:15


Following are several important points families should review when considering their students' return to daily instruction or move to the Virtual Academy:


  • Families of students with IEPs or 504 plans were contacted by teachers. You must make your decision by April 1st. Students with an IEP or 504 Plan will begin in-person instruction on April 8.


  • Families of students without IEPs or 504 plans who would like to move to or from the Virtual Academy should complete this form, which is also due by April 1. Students without an IEP or 504 Plan will have the opportunity to begin in-person instruction by April 19th.


  • Please note, any and all changes for your student may initiate teacher changes, changes in instructional delivery, changes in schedules and/or service providers. We are still required to meet class size law mandates in both the Face-to-Face and Virtual Academy K-3 classes. Students will be placed where there are available seats. We will attempt to make as few changes as possible, but that will depend upon the number of requests we receive.


  • Our goal will be to have new class assignments communicated to those requesting a change by Wednesday, April 7 (this is not a guarantee).  


  • One of the WCPSS Teacher Workdays was moved from May 13 to April 7.  The district made this revision to provide schools an additional day following spring break before students arrive. 


    • WCPSS will continue to follow the calendars found here for all families and provide Remote Asynchronous Days for ALL students on the following days:


  • March 24
  • April 14
  • April 28
  • May 5
  • May 26



Our school is operating under Plan A in “Minimal Social Distancing,” but still requires the following NC Department of Health and Human Services protocols


  • Social distancing protocols to the extent possible and as practicable; 
  • Cloth face coverings;
  • Cleaning and hygiene protocols;
  • Protecting vulnerable populations;
  • Conducting regular screening and ongoing self-monitoring of symptoms; and
  • Appropriate steps to address suspected, presumptive, or confirmed cases of COVID-19.


We realize that this is one more change in a school year that has seen significant changes and challenges. We understand that some families may not want to make another change with one quarter left in the school year, while others may feel that a change is best. My hope is that, by providing you with this information, you feel more equipped to make the best choice for your family. 


Reminders: Wednesday, March 24 is a Remote Asynchronous Day

Spring Break - Monday, March 29 through Wednesday, April 7th





Basado en la decisión tomada por WCPSS BOE el 22 de marzo de 2021, las familias Bulldog tienen la oportunidad de hacer un cambio de modalidad de aprendizaje por el resto del año escolar. El proceso, los plazos y la información adicional se describen a continuación. Además, únase a la Sra. Nelson el miércoles 24 de marzo de 6: 30-7: 15 pm para hacer preguntas que pueda tener.


Las familias que deseen realizar un cambio de modalidad de aprendizaje deben completar el formulario adjunto a continuación para indicar el cambio solicitado. Las familias pueden pasar de  En Persona a Academia Virtual o de Academia Virtual a venir en persona. Todas las solicitudes deben recibirse a más tardar el 1 de abril de 2021.

Si no se recibe una solicitud de cambio, el estudiante permanecerá en su entorno de aprendizaje actual (Academia Virtual o Cara a Cara).

Si la solicitud de cambio se recibe después de la fecha límite del 1 de abril, las solicitudes se manejarán caso por caso.

Como era de esperar, los cambios en las ubicaciones de instrucción pueden requerir la reconfiguración de las aulas y cambios en los maestros para todos los estudiantes de la escuela. Es posible que también sea necesario cambiar los horarios para adaptarse a clases más grandes o la posible adición de nuevas aulas presenciales.


Las familias recibirán la confirmación de las solicitudes e información sobre los próximos pasos el martes 6 de abril de 2021. La cantidad de solicitudes recibidas guiará el tiempo necesario para hacer los ajustes apropiados a nuestras estructuras escolares y la posible fecha de regreso. Nuestro plan es que los estudiantes que hagan cambios regresen el 8 de abril, pero esto está sujeto a cambios.