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IN-person Learning Reminders and Updates 2



Carpool Arrival and Dismissal

  • Parents/Guardians must wear a mask while going through carpool at both arrival and dismissal
  • All students who are carpool must go through the carpool line. 
  • There is no drop-off on Pond Street. 
  • Please have your carpool tag in your window. 
  • Students' book bags will be tagged with a turquoise tag labeled with their cohort to indicate they are a car rider. Please leave the tags attached to your child’s book bag.


Bus Arrival and Dismissal


  • Complete the Student Attestation  Form. This must be completed again by all families who are utilizing the bus. This is a requirement.


  • Students must wear a face mask while riding the bus.
  • If your child is riding the bus you should have already been contacted by WCPSS Transportation with your bus routes and start and end times. If you have not received information from transportation, please make sure you have registered for the bus. Here is the link to register for the bus.
  • Each child’s book bag will be tagged with a red (K-2 students) or yellow (3-5 students) tag and a number indicating their cohort. Please leave these tags attached to your child’s bookbag. They must have them at all times to ride the bus.


Walker Arrival and Dismissal

  • To be a walker, you must be within the walk zone. If you are close to the school but zoned for a bus, you must take the bus. You may not walk.
  • There is no drop-off on Pond Street if you are a walker. You may use the carpool line if you want to drive.
  • Each child’s book bag will be tagged with a white tag and will be labeled with your child’s cohort. 
  • All walkers will enter the building in the bus loop.


Late Arrival and Early Pick-Up

  • Students arriving after 9:15 CANNOT just be dropped off. The parent must walk the child to the door and ring the bell.
  • An office staff member will take the child’s temperature and help you sign them into the building.
  • If you need to sign out your child early it must be BEFORE 3:15. No pick-up can occur in the office after that time.