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Bulldog Bulletin Update


Next Steps


Between now and the second week of April, we will expand continuous remote learning to include more structured learning via online student and teacher interaction. 

To prepare for the delivery of new remote learning and instruction, Briarcliff ES is doing the following:


Family Contacts  


Bulldog teachers and staff will be calling all families. During this time, teachers may check on your families well being, confirm your contact information, see if you have any questions about the WCPSS remote learning site and discuss if you have device and/or internet access at home. If you have not received a phone call by close of business on Monday, March 30th, please reach out to your teacher.


Prior to or by April 3rd


Teachers may begin to actively send you and your student(s) daily skill review, resources to review existing material and introductions to new material.


Technology, training and planning for teachers  


In addition to contacting families, staff are continuing professional activities and learning, including participating in remote training for teachers and staff around the delivery of remote learning activities. Administration, grade-level teams and groups of teachers are coordinating and will continue to develop learning plans to support our students. 


Delivery of hard-copy general instruction packets and technology for students 


WCPSS and Briarcliff ES staff are keenly aware that not all students have devices, materials or internet access at home. WCPSS is  working through those issues as well, including students without access, so that we can provide resources to those who need them. Please know that we are thinking about all of our families to ensure equity in learning. In the coming weeks, we’ll begin to deliver these resources to students. 


Students who receive special education services  


In light of current circumstances, we maintain our commitment to students with disabilities. In the coming weeks, school district staff, along with teachers and administrators from your child's school, will work to determine how best to provide continuous learning to students with disabilities in a remote learning environment. In addition, if your child has an annual review or transition meeting scheduled between March 16 and May 15, you will be contacted to determine your availability for a virtual meeting. We expect to receive additional guidance about holding other meetings including initial referrals and reevaluations from Special Education Services, and will reach out to families again at that time. As a reminder, supplemental learning resources for students with disabilities are available now on our WCPSS remote learning website.


Grading and other questions 


We are awaiting guidance from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction regarding how grading and assessments will occur and will share more information about grading and assessments in the coming days. 


Spring Break


Spring Break is April 6-10. Students and staff are on vacation during this week. 


New Remote Learning-April 13th


Students will begin to receive new instruction remotely on April 13th. The plan for delivery of new instruction will unfold in the coming days.  I will be sure to communicate any details once they are known.


Food Collection and Distribution


Specific schools have been designated as food production and food distribution sites. Please refer to this website for questions and contact information.


Field Trips


We are working on an email that will come from your child’s teacher. It will ask you to complete a google form. You will have the choice of getting a refund, donating the money or putting it towards next years’ trips (K-4).  Thank you for your patience as we continue to figure out how to do this for so many families.  




Please know that I am here to support and serve you as your Lead Learner and Principal. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns you may be having. My email is I continue to appreciate your patience and support as we work through the rollout of remote learning. We are in this together, one step at a time!