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Bulldog for the Week of 12/9/19


Important Dates


12/10 Interims Go Home

12/17 SIT Meeting

12/19 from 5-9 pm. Your Pie Spirit Night

12/20 School Day not a work day

Thank you 


I would like to thank you for supporting the PTA with book fair purchases and  our fundraiser. The money raised really helps us provide materials and events for our students. 


NO Parking or Drop Off on Pond Street


If you are parking on Pond St and dropping off or picking your student I am asking you to PLEASE STOP. This is dangerous and not a carpool location. I am very concerned that it would only take one driver not paying attention to hit you or your student. This has happened at other Wake County Campuses. PLEASE use carpool for the safety of you, your student/s, and others.


Kindergarten Registration


It is hard to believe but we are already thinking about next year. It is time to register your Kindergartner for school. If they are turning 5 on or before August 31st please go ahead and get them registered. This helps us prepare for next year. We have information on our website or you can use this link


Lost & Found


Please have your student check Lost & Found, it is overflowing with jackets and lunch boxes. Anything left on December 19th will be donated.