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9-16-21 Harris Creek Family Message

Hello Harris Creek Family,


Please read over a few reminders and upcoming dates.



  • Follow the staff directing outside. We ask that you stay in the line unless directed to pull around by the staff. We do this to keep students safe. Some students are still having to walk about the car to the drivers side to get in cars. Additionally, we have a lot of young students and students with disabilities that do not understand danger and could run out in front of cars without thinking twice. Don't be the first one on our campus to hit a child!


  • Keep your tag hanging the whole time through the line. 


  • Teach your child to buckle themselves in. If you need to get out to buckle your child in, please first get them in the car, turn your four-way flashers on, pull slowly up to the handicapped spaces where it is safe for you to get out of the car. Additionally, we have hundreds of cars that come through carpool so we need to keep the line moving. 


  • Do not drop off early. Staff members are not outside to supervise your children until 8:45am. Dropping them off early and pulling away is not keeping your children safe. These children are being put in danger and that is unacceptable. If you need early arrival care, please reach out to Raleigh Parks and Rec to see about signing them up for the Before School Care program. 


  • Do not drive over our cones. Please be respectful and not drive over the large cones that we put out to help direct traffic. Every year we have to purchase new cones because of people choosing to drive over them, rather than following the correct traffic pattern. We just purchased new cones with funds we could be using to purchase student supplies if people would stop running them over. 





Harris Creek does not have a walker zone as it is deemed unsafe to walk to and from the school. We have a few parents over the years that have chosen to do this and have approved this with the school. 


  • Walker parents do not drive to the bus loop parking lot, park, then walk to the front to get your child. If you are doing this, you will need to start coming through the carpool line like everyone else. Walkers are for families that are truly walking from home. 



Here Comes The Bus App


If your child rides a bus, you can sign up for the "Here Comes The Bus" App. You will need to enter the school code 67500. This will allow you to track where the bus is at. If the bus route has a substitute bus, the app will not reflect. 



Field Trips


This Fall, all classes will have an in house field trip through Science Is Fun. The school will be funding a portion of this field trip for every student, using donated funds. Each child will need to pay $5 for the Science Is Fun field trip. Your child's field trip date will be share with you by their classroom teacher.

You will have the option to pay online here.

Field Trips for the spring are currently on hold. We would like to be able to go off campus but will need to see the status of Covid closer to that time. 



Multi-Track Year Round Calendar


Access here: 21-22 YR School Calendar



BoosterThon Fundraiser


Thank you for your participation and generous donations for our biggest fundraiser of the school year. We made the most amount of money we've ever made with this fundraiser in over 10 years! We will be using these funds for many different items that we wouldn't be able to purchase without this fundraiser. We raised over $32,000!


Upcoming Dates


9-30-21- Track 4 Tracks Out; Last Day of Quarter 1 for Tracks 2, 3, 4


10-1-21- Teacher Workday- No Students; Mrs. Sanchez's last day at Harris Creek


10-4-21- Track 1 Returns; Custodial Appreciation Day


10-5-21- PTA Meeting- Online- 6pm, Check out the PTA Website here:


10-7-21- Fall Pictures Tracks 1 & 2


10-8-21- Report Cards Go Home Tracks 1, 2, 3


Have a wonderful evening,


Mrs. Sanchez, Principal