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8-17-21 Harris Creek Family Message


Good Evening Harris Creek Family,


Please take a few minutes to read these important announcements.



Our Tracks 2 & 4 students are in the middle of their BoosterThon fundraiser and have raised over $10,000 towards our goal of $20,000 to help us purchase resources for our students. 

Due to the weather forcast for tomorrow, we will be having an indoor DanceFit. The students will remain in their classrooms and will dance along with the BoosterThon team and have some physical challenges for them to enjoy. 


Tracks 1 & 3 will start their BoosterThon program on Monday, August 23. We are still planning for a modified outdoor run on Tuesday, August 31. 

You can check out our BoosterThon fundraiser at



Covid Protocols


Students must follow the Covid protocols for returning to school if experiencing any of these DHHS-identified COVID-19 symptoms whether they occur while in school or at home:


    • fever or chills, 
    • sore throat, 
    • a new cough, 
    • shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, 
    • new loss of taste or smell, 
    • diarrhea or vomiting, 
    • severe headache, especially with a fever.

We will provide you with the guidance to follow in order for your child to return to school, which is in this link below. Please read so you are aware.

We know that Covid will happen in schools but we want to minimize the amount of cases and quarantines necessary. We want to keep our schools open so we need to take precaution with all illnesses listed above. 



Carpool Reminders


Students need to enter and exit on the passenger side of the vehicle. Students should not walk around their car to get in the vehicle. This is too dangerous.


Students need to practice buckling and unbuckling their seatbelts. If you need to assist with buckling, please put your 4-way blinkers on, slowly pull up to the handicapped spaces, pull in and help them buckle. This will allow our carpool line to continue on.


Thank you for your support.




Tracie Sanchez