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7-15-21 Harris Creek Family Message


Good Morning Harris Creek Family,


All Track 1, 2, and 3 Kindergarteners start school today. They will need additional time to get out of the car or bus, walked to class by staff, and will need additional time in the afternoon to get to the buses and to the correct carpool station outside. Please be patient as our carpool line will go slower over the next couple weeks while these young students learn their carpool numbers, bus numbers, and routines. 


Safety is our first priority.


How can you help keep Harris Creek a safe place during arrival and dismissal?


1. Carpool children need to exit and enter the car from the curb side. It is very unsafe for you and especially your precious children to get out of the car on the drivers side of the car. That puts your child at risk of impatient drivers. 


2. Drivers need to remain in their car. School staff will help put your children in their car.


3. Do not pull around other cars in the carpool line unless directed by school staff directing traffic. If a child happens to exit the car on the drivers side, you do not want to be the one that doesn't see them. 


4. Teach your child how to buckle and unbuckle their own seatbelt. If your child need assistance, please put your blinkers on, drive slowely, and pull into the handicapped spaces to get out of the car and buckle them in. This will keep you safe and allow for our carpool line to continue moving.


5. In the morning, have your student prepared to exit the car when you pull up to the exit line. Backpacks on, lunches in hand.


6. Make sure you pick a primary way of getting to and from school and make sure the teacher knows this. If you need to change that primary dismissal method, you must email the teacher and call the school. We want to be sure we get the information to the teacher. Only emailing could lead to a problem if the teacher happens to be out that day. 




If you child needs to take medication at school, parents must hand the medication directly to the office staff and sign it in. Medication should never be transported by the child.