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Afternoon Carpool


Good Evening Harris Creek Family,



Thank you for your patience this afternoon during dismissal. To help carpool go smoother, please teach your child(ren) their carpool numbers so they can recognize when the numbers are displayed on the screen in their classroom. If you need a carpool number and do not yet have one, I will be out during morning arrival to issue carpool tags on the spot. If your child does not yet know their carpool number please tell the person taking numbers to include your child's name with the number. 


If you do not have a carpool tag, for safety reasons, you need to park and have your ID checked before we release the student, which causes a lag in carpool. 


From our end, we are having a staff meeting in the morning to address the need for staff to be closely monitoring student numbers when they are put up on the screen. 


I understand the carpool line did not go smooth today, however, I really need your patience to ensure we do not have an accident, which would back up carpool even more. Also, please remain in your vehicle and we will bring your child to you. 


Please bare with me, we will get this fixed!






Tracie Sanchez