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Welcome To Your First Day!


Good Morning! 


Welcome to your first day of school for Tracks 1, 2, 3! 


Here are a few morning reminders:


1. Visitors are not allowed in the building. Parents will not be allowed to walk students to classes. We will have plenty of staff members to get our students where they need to go. We ask for your patience this morning during arrival, as it may go a little slower than usual, in order for us to make sure we get all of our students to their classrooms safely.


2. Masks are required. Be sure to send your student with a mask on their face. We will have limited disposable masks available for those that do not have one. 


3. School arrival time: 8:45-9:15. Dismissal time: 3:45-4:15. Again, please be patient as we will have many students new to our school and arrival/dismissal will be slower than usual. 


4. The Harris Creek building a strong and safe. We can withstand bad weather. In April 2011, a tornado came through this area and damaged hundreds of homes. It went right through our school and all we had was 1 broken window. Your students are safe here. We have severe weather expectation in place and will use them today if needed. 


5. Be sure your student knows how he/she is getting home. Please communicate this to the teacher. All students that come in on the bus, we assume will be going home on the bus, unless we hear otherwise. It is best to email your teacher today to let them know how your student will come to and from school.



Thank you for trusting your students with us at Harris Creek Elementary!


We are Standing Strong!




Tracie Sanchez, Principal