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5-27-21 Harris Creek Family Message


Good Morning Harris Creek Family,


We are on our last month of this school year. It has gone by so fast. Thank you for your true partnership in working together with the Harris Creek staff to provide the best education during this very different year. Hang in there, we are close!


This School Year Info:


Hotspots need to be returned by June 22, 2021. They will be shut off at that time and no longer usable. We will reissue new Hotspots for the 21-22 school year. Drop your Hotspots off in the box outside the front office door. 


Books need to be returned by June 22, 2021. These include library books (PreK-5th Grade) and books provided to your child for their EL work (in 2nd-5th grade.) Please leave these books on the maroon rolling shelf outside the front office. 


Carpool Pizza is Back! During dismissal on Friday, June 4, Papa Murphy's will be here to sell Take and Bake Pizzas for $10 each. If you would like to purchase pizzas, please be prepared with your $10 per pizza. 




Our Virtual Academy students have already taken their Reading and Math EOG's. 


Upcoming EOG dates for In Person Students and 5th Grade Virtual Academy:

6/2/21- 5th Grade Virtual Academy- Science EOG

6/7/21- 3rd & 4th Grade In Person Reading EOG

6/8/21- 5th Grade In Person Reading EOG

6/10/21- 3rd Grade Read to Achieve Testing, 5th Grade In Person Science EOG

6/15/21- 3rd & 4th Grade In Person Math EOG

6/16/21- 5th Grade In Person Math EOG



Our 20-21 Yearbooks will be coming in any day. Once they are in, we will get them delivered to our In Person students and set up a date for our Virtual Students to drive thru to pick them up. If you haven't ordered a yearbook yet but would still like to, you can do that here:



5th Grade Celebration Information:

6/21/21- Wilson & Lassiter's Homerooms will have a Virtual Celebration beginning at 9:30am-10:15am. Students will be live, parents will be virtual.

6/21/21- Taimuty & Bugg's Homerooms will have a Virtual Celebration beginning at 10:00am-10:45am. Students will be live, parents will be virtual.

6/21/21- Callahan-Bennett's Homeroom will have a full Virtual Celebration beginning at 10:45am-11:30am, students and parents will be virtual.

6/21/21- Harp & Ramp's Homerooms will have a full Virtual Celebration beginning at 11:30am-12:15pm, students and parents will be virtual.


We will have 5th Grade Celebration yard signs located on the Front Field, near the pavilion. In Person students will be outside taking pictures at these signs at the following times:

Lassiter/Wilson- 10:30am-10:55am

Bugg/Taimuty- 10:55am-11:25am

Callahan-Bennett, Harp, Ramp- 5:00pm-8:00pm


These signs will be up for the entire day on Monday, June 21 so parents can come to take their child's photo to celebrate the end of their child's journey at Harris Creek Elementary. 


Harp, Ramp, Callahan-Bennett will be at the bus loop on Friday, June 18 from 11:30am-1:00pm, to hand out certificates, awards, and 5th grade t-shirts for our 5th grade Virtual Academy students. 


Information from your PTA

There will be a PTA meeting for board elections on June 14th at 6pm. If you are interestedin being on the PTA board please email 

Link to join the June 14th PTA 6:00pm meeting:


The PTA is having a special end of year luncheon for the staff on June 18th. If you would like to contribute, you can click here: Staff Luncheon Donation Link.



Next School Year Info


As a reminder, we are returning to multi-track next year and will have students on Tracks 1, 2, 3, and 4. While many families have requested to switch to track 4 or remain following the track 4 calendar, we are not able to grant all of those requests because we have to function on all 4 tracks and follow class size mandates. I appreciate your understanding. 


I've had to collapse some classes on Tracks 2 and 3 in order to adjust for Virtual Academy and Rolesville Middle collapsing Track 2. 


Please be sure to locate your child's track for next year using this link:


If you are not returning to Harris Creek next school year and haven't let Ms. Edgreen know, please send her an email at to let her know where your child will be attending school next year. Be sure to include your child's name, what grade they are going into and what school they will be attending. We need to have accurate student records to be sure we have the appropriate number of staff at the start of the school year and have sufficient time to get your child's student records to the new school. 


Rising Kindergartener


If you have a rising Kindergartener scheduled to come to Harris Creek, you can find their track and staggered entry date here:


Supply Lists for 21-22 will be updated and added to the school website by Monday, June 21. 


Looking forward to finishing this year strong and bringing in our new year with more normalcy!




Tracie Sanchez