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21-22 Virtual Academy Waitlist Last Day 5/12/21


Hello Harris Creek Parents,


The district has created a Virtual Academy waitlist sign up for the 2021-2022 school year. If you planned to sign your child up for Virtual Academy for next school year, but missed the intial sign up, you have until tomorrow, May 12 to go on the waitlist. 


When determining if you should sign your child up or not, you may want to talk with your child's current Virtual Academy teacher to see if this has been a successful learning environment for your child this year. 


Virtual Academy students for 21-22 must be able to access live learning for the full school day, complete assignments daily, and successfully participate in school for 6 hours per day. 


Please know that I will not be honoring continued requests to change settings between in person and virtual during 21-22 school year, as we will be partnering with other schools in some grade levels to be able to have enough students for virtual classes, especially in Kindergarten, First, and Second grade. 


If you would like to be added to the 21-22 Virtual Academy waitlist, sign up here.


If you already signed up for the 21-22 Virtual Academy, but no longer want the Virtual Academy option, please email me at by tomorrow, May 12. 


Students assigned to Virtual Academy for 21-22 school year will receive a notification from me on Thursday, May 13. 




Tracie Sanchez, Principal