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1-20-21 New 3rd Grade In Person Teacher


Dear Families of our New 3rd Grade Teacher, 


We are so excited to announce our new 3rd grade teacher, Ms. Bianca Lanier, will be joining Harris Creek officially on Monday, January 25. She is a recent graduate from Meredith College and grew up in the Raleigh area. We will give her a week to get settled in, meet her students and families, and will be ready to take on her own class starting Monday, Febuary 1.  Next week, your child will still log on with their teacher they just left in December. Starting on 2/1, they will begin logging on with Ms. Lanier.


Ms. Lanier will be at Supply Pick Up tomorrow between 11:00am-12:30pm if you'd like to come through at that time to pick up your materials and meet her. Additionally, she will be making contact with you over the next few days to introduce herself. 


She will set up a lunch bunch meeting next week to get to know her students. She will also have a Virtual Open House next week for parents to log in to meet her. She will share this information with you at the start of next week. 


Ms. Lanier has been working closely with the 3rd grade team over the last couple weeks to learn the curriculum so she is excited and prepared to take over her class on Monday, February 1.  


Thank you for being patient with the process. 


Please reach out with any questions or concerns.






Tracie Sanchez