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6-1-20 Message From Harris Creek



Good Afternoon Harris Creek Family,


I hope this message finds all of you well. We are winding down the school year and this message contains a lot of information on the 2019-2020 close of the school year. Please take a few minutes to read this message in entirety. 




Unfortunately, the majority of our yearbooks arrived damaged so we are having to wait on a new shipment which is projected to be here in late June or early July. They are going through the current batch to find those that are not damaged to give to our 5th graders during their drive through celebration. Once the new yearbooks arrive, we will communicate a date and time for everyone else to pick them up at the school. 




Looking for new books for your students to read over Summer Break? Bedford Falls has thousands of books to choose from and the books ship right to your door! If your order is more than $20.00, you also receive free shipping! (Minimum book orders are $15.00) 
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If you would like to purchase a book for your teacher - feel free to browse their list (found on the home page after you sign in - click on Lists). 
The book fair will be open from the middle of May through end of the school year.  Thank you for your support  Please contact our Media Specialist, Mrs. Bonham, at if you need assistance.



Last Day of School & Report Cards:

Track 1 Report Cards are to be emailed out to Track 1 parents today, June 1.

Track 1 Last Day of School is this Thursday, June 4.

Tracks 2, 3, and 4 Report Cards are to be emailed out to parents on Monday, June 8.

Tracks 2, 3, and 4 Last Day of School is Thursday, June 11.



End Of Year Pick Up Procedures:

All teachers will be going to the school to bag up individual students' belongings. Each teacher has chosen a time to host a drive through for families to come pick up their student's supplies between June 3-June 15. Please reach out to your student's teacher to determine the date and time of the specific class drive through if you haven't heard from the teacher yet. Families will remain in the car. The teachers will hand the bags through the window. We encourage you to wear your face masks, and know that the teachers will be wearing theirs. 



Medication Pick Up:

If your child still has medication at school that you need to pick up, please email Mrs. Sanchez at and we can arrange a time to come pick it up. If you would prefer for the medication to remain at school you do not need to do anything at this time. 



20-21 School Calendar:

The school board will be meeting tomorrow to discuss our proposed 2020-2021 School Calendar. The proposed start date for Tracks 1, 2, and 3 is Monday, August 3 and the proposed start date for Track 4 is Monday, August 17. You will see a change in the number of days/weeks of track outs throughout the school year. Additionally, our school days will be 15 minutes longer. We do not yet know the new start and/or end times. Once all of this has been decided by the school board, you will be informed. Thank you for your flexibility with all of these changes. 



2020-2021 Teacher Assignments:

Teacher assignments for 2020-2021 have not yet been finalized. We are working on a system to inform parents of who their child's teacher will be for the 2020-2021 school year. This will involve you knowing your child's Student ID Number (which is also their lunch account number and computer log in number.) If you do not know your child's Student ID Number, please get this from your current teacher so you will have it when the lists become available. Once teacher assignments have been finalized, a message will be sent out with directions on how to access. 



School Supplies:

If you are interested in purchasing your child's school supplies for next school year and have them delivered right to the school, check out this link for more information.



Leaving Wake County Public Schools?

If your student is leaving Wake County Public Schools for the 2020-2021 school year please email Mrs. Sanchez at If your student is leaving WCPSS, you must return any Chromebooks or Hotspots we have provided for your student to use during Remote Learning, as well as any library books signed out to your student. If your student is changing schools within Wake County Public Schools, he/she can continuing using the Chromebook and Hotspot but please return the library books to the school. 



Please reach out with any questions or concerns. We encourage your students to continue to practice their math skills on Dreambox and to read daily over their Summer Break. 

We've had an eventful school year, but I must say that I'm so proud of our Harris Creek family for pulling together. We are excited for the 2020-2021 school year and getting back to the school building! Thank you for trusting us at Harris Creek Elementary with your most prized possession!




Tracie Sanchez, Principal