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Middle School Registration Update

March 26, 2020


Dear Parents,

I hope that this email finds you and your family safe and well during this time.  Please know that we are thinking of our students and miss them dearly!  I am sending this information as an update on how the middle school registration process will proceed.  All students should have received the teacher recommendations form prior to our closing.  Parents please sign those forms and hold onto them for right now.  I will send out an update later as to when those will need to be returned.  Many of you who needed a waiver form for Math have already made a request.  However, if you do need one, we will be able to get one to you.  This is ONLY if you are requesting a different Math level than what your child’s teacher has recommended.  In this situation the request will be considered and discussed with a team for approval.

As for the registration for middle school electives, there is a video included in this letter with step by step instructions to register your child.  It can be found at: If you need to reference the electives for your child’s upcoming middle school, you can do so at  Once your registration is complete, we would like to know.  If your child is on tracks 1 or 2, please email Gwen McLean at or tracks 3 and 4 to Sandy Standley at  Lastly, if you need additional support with this process, please don’t hesitate to let us know.


Kind Regards,

Gwen McLean and Sandy Standley