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8-8-19 Harris Creek Message


Good Evening Eagle Family,


Amazing things are happening every day at Harris Creek Elementary School! We are continuing to grow every day and we have around 920 students at this time in grades PreK through 5th Grade. 


T 1 & T 2 Boosterthon Fundraiser- Splash & Dash

We kicked off our main fundraiser of the school year, which is definately the most exciting for our students and staff. The Boosterthon Team is back to teach our students the importance of Good Character, while having fun, and raising money to help us equip every classroom with 70" SMART TVs! Our theme this year is Mindspark Wild West. A group of kids from the Mindspark Mystery Lab learn how to build a time machine. They take the time machine back to the Wild West. They have daily challenges with the bully to free the professor from the bully. Your students will learn about Honesty, Gratitude, Generosity, Kindness, and Humility during their daily 15 minute meeting with the Boosterthon Team. If you haven't already, log your child on to Just for logging them on, they will win a Boosterthon bracelet! We appreciate your generosity and support to help raise funds for our school. After logging on, send a message out to family and friends. You can even post a link on your Facebook account! Any little bit helps. 

Mark your calendars for our Splash & Dash next Thursday, August 15!

Track 1 K-5 will run from 9:30am-10:30am on the front field. Track 1 parents, come cheer your student on!

Track 2 K-5 will run from 10:40am-11:40am on the front field. Can't wait to see the Track 2 parents out there!

We know August is hot so we have decided to add to the fun by making this a Splash & Dash rather than just a Fun Run. The students will be running around a small version of a race track. There will be opportunities for parents to have fun and splash their child with water as they race by you to keep them cool! We also need parent volunteers to help pass out water to the students to drink every 5 laps. 

Our goal this year is to bring in $20,000. We are 1/10th of the way to our goal in just 1 night. Let's see what we can do tonight! 


T 3 & T 4 Boosterthon Fundraiser- Splash & Dash

Your fundraiser will kick off on Tuesday, August 20! 

Mark your calendars for your Splash & Dash!

T 3 K-5 will run from 9:30am-10:30am on Wednedsay, August 28.

T 4 PreK-5 will run from 10:40am-11:40am on Wednesday, August 28.

(A secret surprise.... you can already log on to and start getting pledges so you will be ahead of your other T 3 & T 4 classmates!)


Track 4 Open House, Tuesday, August 13 

Track 4 Families- Your teachers are so excited to meet you and tell more about what your students will be learning this year. They will be sharing a lot of important information so be sure to start building the important partnership this early in the year! 

Dinner- We will have 2 food trucks on site: A hotdog truck and Kona Ice. The PTA is sponsoring FREE Kona Ice to all Track 4 families! Just bring some money for the hot dog truck. 

Doors open at 5:25pm. 

Session 1- 5:30-6:00pm

Session 2- 6:10-6:40pm

Session 3- 6:50-7:20pm

PTA will be selling spirit wear. The boy scouts & girl scouts will be there with flyers on their program. KidzArt will be on site to advertise their after school program at Harris Creek Elementary. 


Track 2 tracks out after school on Friday, August 16.


Track 3 returns to school on Monday, August 19.


Free/Reduced Meal Benefits

Be sure to apply for free/reduced meal benefits, if needed, as soon as possible. If your student received these benefits last year but they haven't been renewed for this year, the will expire on the dates below:

Track 1- Expires 8/19/19

Track 2- Expires 9/9/19

Track 3- Expires 9/10/19

Track 4- Expires 9/9/19

When students do not have money on their lunch account, they will receive unlimited fruits, vegetables, and water for lunch. 

You can monitor your child's lunch account by logging on to the following website with their ID#.


Cultural Arts Assembly

Thank you to the PTA and the United Arts Council for funding our first Cultural Arts Assembly of the school year, Number Drummer. 

T 1 & T 2 assembly will be tomorrow afternoon.

T 3 & 4 assembly will be Friday, August 23 in the afternoon. 

Check out the Number Drummer at


Coffee Talk

Thank you to the parents that came out to our first Coffee Talk earlier this week. Coffee Talk was created last year as a way for the school administrators to hear from parents and provide an opportunity to have two way dialouge about the school, discuss ideas, and share suggestions to continue to make HCES the best school in NC! Topics we discussed were: positives and suggestions for improvement, ways to increase communication between the school and home, ways to provide our students with disabilities more opportunities to interact with their non-disabled peers, and suggestions for getting more parents to attend our Parent Academic Team Nights. I appreciate the parents that were able to take some time to come out and join in our Coffee Talk. The next Coffee Talk date is Monday, October 7 from 5pm-6pm in the Media Center. 




Student success is dependent on consistent attendance. Students must be in school every day unless they are ill or there is an excused absence. When your child is absent, please send a note or an email to the teacher explaining the absence within 2 school days following the absence. Any absence
without a note or with a note turned in more than 2 days after the absence will be counted as unexcused. In order for a student to be counted present, they must be in attendance for more than half the school day (9:15-12:30) or (12:30-3:45).


Bus Tags

Bus Tags are mandated for your child to ride the school bus AM and PM.  

Tags must stay on all year.  If you buy a new book bag you can cut the zip tie and send the tag with your child to school for us to reattach the tag to the new book bag.  If your child loses their tag, a $3.00 fee will need to be paid in order to replace it.  All Kindergarten & 1st Graders have Red tags. Bus drivers will not let students with red tags off the bus without an adult present at the bus stop. These students will be brought back to school for a parent to pick up from the school. Students in 2nd-5th grade have yellow tags. Students with yellow tags can get off the bus without an adult present. 



All parents must remain in their cars during carpool, for your safety.

Students must enter and exit from the passenger side doors, for their safety.

Turn on your flashers if your child needs help getting in or out of your car.

If your child is in a seatbelt that he/she can not buckle him/her self, please slowly pull up passed the handicapped parking to get out to help your child. 

Do not use your cell phones while in the carpool lane. This distracts drivers. Our students and staff's lives are precious, and so is yours!

Children are not allowed to walk out in the parking lot without a parent present. If you are parking to walk your child in, please keep your child close to you and have your child cross the parking lot with you. 

We have hundreds of cars that come through the carpool lane each morning. It only takes 1 distracted driver to cause an accident. Please follow our rules so we can keep everyone safe!




The PTA is a group of parent volunteers from Harris Creek that work closely with the school to raise funds and support our students and teachers. Schools are not allowed to do fundraisers so the PTA organizes and holds fundraisers throughout the year to give items and support back to the students and teachers. Please consider joing the PTA to help out in any capacity. Membership is only $6. We love volunteers of all ages so please share with grandparents as well! We will have our first general PTA meeting on Monday, August 5 at 6:00pm in the Media Center. Please come and bring your neighbor! We will be discussing the budget, fundraising plan for the year, and how the PTA will be supporting the school. 


Walking Children in to School

We offer a period of 2 weeks to walk your child to their classroom. After that, we encourage all students to walk to the classroom themselves, to promote their independence. If your child struggles with the transition to school and he/she needs support with walking in to school on their own after the first two weeks, please speak with the teacher and an administrator so we can come up with a plan to help your child. 


Upcoming Dates to put in your calendar:

9/6- T 1 & T 3- Goodies with Grandparents from 2-3pm

9/9- T 3 & T 4- Fall Pictures, PTA Meeting @ 6pm in Media Center

9/13- T 2 & T 4- Goodies with Grandparents from 2-3pm

9/17- T 2 & T 4- Parent Teacher Team Night from 5:30pm-7:30pm

9/27- T 2 & T 4- Pastries with Parents from 8:00-9:00am

10/7- Coffee Talk from 5-6pm, PTA from 6-7:30pm

10/8- T 1 & T 3- Parent Teacher Team Night from 5:30pm-7:30pm

10/11- T 1 & T 3- Pastries with Parents from 8:00-9:00am

10/16- T 1 & T 2 Fall Pictures 


Have a wonderful evening!


Your Proud Principal,


Mrs. Sanchez