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4-5-19 PM Dismissal Message

Dear Families,

Rolesville High School has been placed on a Code Red lockdown. It was orginally lifted but put back on so the buses are still sitting at Rolesville High School as of 3pm. Once the lockdown is lifted, the high school students will begin dismissal. Following the High School routes, they will need to do the middle school routes, before coming to our school. We are anticipating that all buses except Route 1 will be arriving very late to our campus. At this time, we can not determine a time that the buses will arrive here. 

If you choose, you can pick your child up through carpool. If you do not have a carpool number, please give the number attendant your child's name. Please be patient as carpool will be slower and longer than normal due to this situation. 


Thank you for your patience as the High School is taking the safety of their students and staff very seriously.




Tracie Sanchez, Principal