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DRMS' Principal Message

Happy Sunday Dolphins!  This is Kristen Faircloth, proud principal at Durant Road Middle School, with your September 19, 2021 Family Message.


We hope your family is enjoying the last weekend of summer and have enjoyed some time outside.  We had another successful week at DRMS.  Thursday, September 16th was Instructional Assistant Appreciation Day!  We would like to recognize the DRMS' Instructional Assistants; Ms. Allen, Ms. Holding, Mr. Terwilliger, Ms. Grasso, Ms. Basham, Mr. Bond, Mr. Ferguson, Ms. Dawson, Ms. Ontko, and Mr. Shrader for everything they do for our students and school everyday.  We are so lucky they have chosen DRMS as their home.  Fall Picture Day took place on Friday, September 17th.  It was great to see the smiles and picture ready outfits.  Fall make-up pictures and new student pictures will take place in the spring on March 17th.  


We would like to recognize Hispanic Heritage Month.  Hispanic Heritage Month takes place September 15 to October 15 every year as a time to recognize and celebrate the many contributions, diverse cultures, and extensive histories of the American Latino community. Beginning in 1968, Hispanic Heritage Month was originally observed as “Hispanic Heritage Week” under President Lyndon Johnson, but it was later extended to a month during President Ronald Reagan’s term in 1988.  Since then, the month has been celebrated nationwide through festivals, art shows, conferences, community gatherings, and much more. The month also celebrates the independence days of several Latin American countries, including: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua on September 15th, Mexico on September 16th, and Chile on September 18th. They also include holidays that recognize Hispanic contributions such as Virgin Islands-Puerto Rico Friendship Day that is celebrated in the U.S. Virgin Islands.  DRMS looks forward to recognizing and celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month.


Please take a minute to read through the Family Message below and don't hesitate to reach out with any needs as we are here to serve you.


New Staff:  We are so excited to welcome Ms. Tineta McMillan to the DRMS family on Monday, September 20th!  Ms. McMillan will join the administrative team and serve as the 8th grade assistant principal.  Please help us give Ms. McMillan a warm welcome to Durant.


Step It Up!: We are excited to partner with Power of Purpose this year for our major fundraiser!  Power of Purpose offers schools the Step It Up program to raise money for the PTA.  To date our students and families have raised over $30,000!! The Step It Up fundraising program will conclude with a DAY OF AWESOMENESS!  The DAY OF AWESOMENESS is a celebration of students' efforts, where kids can win prizes, and challenge themselves on the Interactive Obstacle Course inspired by the hit TV shows WIPEOUT and AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR!  DRMS' DAY OF AWESOMENESS will be held on Friday, September 24, 2021, during electives. Thank you to everyone who has supported the Step It Up fundraiser and DRMS!  
Athletics:  Our Fall sports teams have worked very hard to wrap up their last week of non-competition and are ready for our first non-conference games next week.
  •  Sep. 22 Volleyball and Girls Soccer @ Carroll Middle
  •  Sep. 23 Football @ Carroll Middle
As a reminder, games begin at 4:00 PM, admission is $5 (Booster club passes do not work for away games). Please remember the sportsmanship and conduct expected at athletic events. We look forward to seeing you at the games and GO DOLPHINS! 
"DFND" -Dolphin Fight Never Dies- 
Spirit Week:  It is hard to believe we only have 9 days of Quarter 1 and before track out!  The week of September 27th will be Spirit Week at DRMS.  
  • September 27th - Monochrome Monday
  • September 28th - Trendy Tuesday
  • September 29th - College Day Wednesday
  • September 30th - Twin Tuesday
  • October 1st - Track Out - No School


COVID UPDATES:  DRMS continues to follow district guidelines and prioritizes the health, safety, and well-being of our students.  To minimize the spread of COVID-19, the district adheres to all COVID-19 health measures required by the NC Department of Health and Human Services and consults with Wake County Public Health to determine what precautions are needed in our schools to keep our students, staff, and community healthy in a safe and welcoming environment. Here is what we are presently doing to try to keep our students and staff safe:

  • Masks worn appropriately at all times while in the building unless eating. 

  • All students facing in the same direction in the cafeteria.

  • One Way traffic in our halls during class changes

  • Hand sanitizer stations available around the school.

  • Water fountains available for filling water bottles only.  All students should bring water bottles to school daily.
  • Frequent announcements reminding students of our guidelines

We appreciate our families support in reinforcing the importance of wearing masks appropriately, frequently washing hands or using hand sanitizer, and letting us know if a student has been exposed to someone with COVID or feels ill.  Our students are doing a great of following these guidelines and your encouragement and support of the guidelines helps tremendously.

Check out the latest information from WCPSS here.


TSI School:  As a parent/guardian of a student in Durant Road Middle School, I am sharing to let you know that Durant Road Middle School, has been designated as a Targeted Support & Improvement Additional Targeted Support (TSI-AT) school by the North Carolina State Board of Education.  As stated in ESSA Section 1111(d)(2), North Carolina had to identify schools for targeted support and improvement. 


As a TSI-AT school, Durant Road Middle School is required to develop a comprehensive plan that specifically addresses how the school will improve student achievement. The plan will also include how our district will support us and monitor the progress of our school.  


Parent engagement is at the heart of our school improvement efforts. Here are some ways we can work together:

  • Make sure that both you and your student are aware of academic expectations set for your student this school year.  A list of learning objectives in student-friendly language is available from your student’s teacher(s). 
  • Call Durant Road Middle if you have questions or concerns about your student or to set up an appointment to meet with a school staff member who will be working with your student. 
  • Make sure that your student is prepared and attends school each day.
  • Monitor your student’s homework.
  • Monitor the progress your student is making and attend meetings with your student’s teacher(s).
  • Keep track of our website and social media sites.
  • Volunteer.
  • Join the DRMS PTA.


It sounds like a lot but preparing our students so that they can succeed is not easy and is a group effort. Here are some resources available to help:


Thank you for supporting DRMS,

Kristen J Faircloth