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DRMS STEAM Engine Fundraiser

Hello Dolphins!  This is Kristen Faircloth, proud principal at Durant Road Middle School, with an updated STEAM Engine message.


We want to thank our teachers, parents and staff for going above and beyond to ensure that every student is supported in our new learning environments. While we have faced some challenges, no one is more devoted to the future of our students than you. Thank you!


In that same spirit, we are asking for your help.


TONIGHT, please go to our school’s donation site and set up your family’s account. You will then have an opportunity to make your own donation, and to share our fundraiser with your friends and family who live anywhere in the world, via the website. As financial situations may have changed for some people, please note the messages we send are ZERO PRESSURE! They simply invite your friends and family to be a part of our efforts. No pressure, just a celebration of your amazing student! Please join us:


We want to make sure our students have the best year possible!


We need your help to raise money for:

1. Better Technology in our classrooms

2. Facility Upgrades.

3. Teacher Grants


Please know that a donation, no matter how large or small, puts us one step closer to our goal. And while we realize that some friends and family might be donating a little less this year, that’s ok…because EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS!


We are hoping for 100% Golden Ticket participation tonight, to show our students that we see and support their efforts to be awesome!  Attached is the updated Golden Ticket that is posted in your child's google classroom as a ZERO POINTS assignment.


Together, we can make a difference in the lives of our students For a quick tutorial click here.


Thank you for supporting DRMS,

Kristen J Faircloth