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DRMS' Principal Message

Hello Dolphins!  This is Kristen Faircloth, proud principal at Durant Road Middle School, with your November 15, 2020 Family Message. 


We had an amazing week welcoming back our 3-C Dolphins last week and we can't wait to see our 1-A Dolphins on campus this week starting on Monday, November 16, 2020.  The DRMS faculty and staff continue to work very hard to make the transition smooth and safe for all students.  Our campus is prepared with all the necessary safety measures and we have established processes to support students and staff.  Please take a moment to read the Family Message below to ensure you are prepared and set up for success.  We are here to support you, so please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or needs.


2nd Quarter Interims:  2nd Quarter Interim Grades/Progress Reports will be available for viewing in PowerSchool by students and families on Monday, November 16, 2020.  For additional information regarding 2nd Quarter Interims/Progress Reports please click on the following link:


Cohort 1-A Students:  This is a friendly reminder that Cohort 1-A students return to the building on Monday, November 16, 2020.  Cohort 1-A students should remember to bring the following items:

  • A Face-Covering Mask
  • Water Bottle
  • Charged Device and Charger
  • ELA/Math Materials
  • Student Agenda
  • Signed Forms (Attestation, BYOD, & Accountability)


DRMS Resources:  Two resources have been created and available for families regarding students returning to campus.  Please review the resources to help prepare your child and answer any questions you may have:


Forms To Turn In:  There are three important forms that must be submitted for Plan B students returning to campus.  These forms were located in the 2nd Quarter Materials packet.  We will be collecting the forms in your child’s homeroom at DRMS.  Please see the information below for more details:


  • Attestation Form (bus riders):  You are required to submit the attestation form stating that you and your child will abide by all health and safety protocols for bus ridership.  You can fill out the form online or complete a printed form. Printable forms can be found at Students are not permitted to ride the bus until this form has been submitted. You will need to submit a form for all of your children who plan to ride the bus during the 2020-21 school year. 


  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Form:  Parents can choose to allow or not allow their student to bring their personal device. All students who bring a personal device to school are required to have a signed copy of the BYOD Consent Form (Spanish) on record. 


  • Accountability Form:  Families are required to sign the Student Accountability and Required Health Protocol form.  Please view this site for details around these expectations and another copy of the signature form:  This form indicates students will comply with face covering, daily screenings, social distancing measures, student behavior and more.  


Medication Drop-Off:  If your child is a Plan B student and you have medication to drop off at school, please do so prior to your child's first day on campus.  Please remember to turn in the 1702 form with the medication.  Thank you for following the health guidelines when dropping of the medication.  


Virtual Academy Notification:  Notification was sent out on Tuesday, November 10, 2020 to families who signed up for Virtual Academy for the spring semester.  The notification was sent through email.  If you believe your child has been signed up for Virtual Academy for the spring semester and you did not receive notification, please reach out to the school to let us know.  


DRMS Learning Commons:  The DRMS Library Learning Commons is sponsoring two book clubs this year for all students virtually. Students interested in joining can complete the Google Form on the websites linked to join the respective Google Classrooms.
  • Choose Your Own Book Book Club: Unlike most book clubs where everyone reads the same thing, at C.Y.O.B.B.C., you pick the titles you want to read. Each month, we will choose a new theme (mystery, banned books, pets, etc.) and then YOU choose a title to read and discuss. November's theme is FOOD. We'll talk about how food plays a role in whatever book you chose to read.
  • Battle of the Books: Run as a quiz bowl/trivia style competition based on the official list of 22 titles from North Carolina School Library Media Association, Battle of the Books this year will be open for more discussion and creative productions. We will have time for practice and competing virtually with other middle schools.


DRMS Family Engagement Committee: The Family Engagement Committee wants to support you as we continue through the 2020-2021 school year. Please help us plan and meet your needs for the spring of 2021 by completing this short three question survey at your earliest convenience. Thank you! 
Familias de DRMS: El Comité de Participación Familiar quiere apoyarlos a medida que continuamos durante el año escolar 2020-2021. Ayúdenos a planificar sus necesidades para la primavera de 2021 completando esta breve encuesta de tres preguntas lo antes posible. ¡Gracias!
DRMS Yearbook:  Yearbook needs your help! Do you have pictures of playing sports, enjoying the outdoors, and participating in your favorite fall activities? How about pictures of your pets, your artwork, or your hobbies? Do you have a picture of something that you cannot live without? Please submit any and all photos you have to be used in the yearbook! Use this link to submit photos and don’t forget to include a description/caption:

What is something that you can’t live without? Think outside the box! Is there a book you can't live without, a movie, an app, a place, a person, an animal, a food etc? We need 60 total and have 7 already, so get yours in as soon as possible! Submit your answers and photos here:

Do you have an 8th grader at DRMS? Treat your 8th grader to something special by purchasing an ad for them in our DRMS 2020-2021 yearbook. Congratulate them on their successes, wish them luck for their future, or tell them how proud you are! Purchase your ad for your 8th grader here:

We have created a website for the DRMS 2020-2021 Yearbook! The link for the DRMS yearbook website is: Please follow the DRMS Yearbook on our social media platforms! We are @DrmsYearbook on Twitter and drms_yearbook on Instagram! This is a great way to stay up to date with yearbook information and tag us in any photos you’d like to see in the yearbook!

One great way to commemorate this unforgettable school year is by ordering your 2020-2021 DRMS yearbook. The link to directly place an order is here:


Message from the DRMS PTA:
Parent Check-In: The PTA is hosting a virtual parent check-in at 7:00 PM Wednesday, November 18, 2020 as a way for DRMS parents to connect and communicate with each other. If you're interested, please sign up for check-in details. 
GoPlaySave: There's one week left to buy GoPlaySave coupon books, which offer up to $10,000 in local savings while also supporting our school. It's easy to order online and you can share the link with friends and family.  Paper and mobile books are $30 each, and DRMS receives $15 for each book sold. Thanks as always for supporting DRMS!
Staff Shout-Outs: This month we're asking parents and students to recognize the incredible work our educators and staff are doing, especially in these uncertain times. Click here to view our first two Staff Shout-Outs and to submit one of your own. It just takes a minute to make someone's day!
Thank you for supporting DRMS,
Kristen Faircloth