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Principal Message 3-22-24

Read this week’s PTA newsletter here:


Welcome Kimberly White-Snow


Join me in Welcoming Ms. Kimberly White-Snow. Kimberly will be joining us as our new CCR teacher. Ms. White-Snow has years of experience in the area of special education. Most recently she was a middle school special education teacher in Johnston County. Before working in Johnston County  Ms. Kimberly White-Snow was also a special education teacher in Wake County Public Schools in elementary and middle school.


Raise Craze Celebration Day Today!


Join us today for lunch and music to celebrate the last day of Raise Craze. Kona Ice will be provided to all students at lunch. Please see the grade-level schedule below.


There’s still time to register and send emails so we achieve our $24,000 monetary goal. The classroom with the highest number of AOKs today at 10:30 am will win “Picnic with the Principal


Celebration Day Schedule


10:30 am-11:30 am Pre-K/K/1st grade

11:40 am-12:40 pm 4th/5th grades

12:50 pm-1:50 pm 2nd/3rd grades


Thank You for 5th Grade Brick Support


Our 5th Grade Legacy Brick fundraising campaign was a success! Thank you to all who donated! A set of eight bricks engraved with all the 5th graders' first names will be installed along the main walkway into the school this spring by the Wiley Foundation.


PTA Executive Committee Nominations


Nominations are open for the PTA Executive Committee for the 24-25 school year. Please send nominations to The Executive Committee will be voted in at the May PTA meeting.


Wiley Yearbook Sale


Order your Wiley yearbook here. Please consider donating a yearbook with the Donate-A-Book option at checkout to ensure each student receives a yearbook this year. Keep sending your photos to Please include the grade level of the students pictured and the events associated if applicable.


Afterschool Clubs Registration


Registration is open for spring after-school clubs. Clubs will run Tuesdays from 4/16 to 5/21. For club topics and to register, click here. Questions? Contact


Lost and Found


Please check out the current Lost and Found inventory. Items that have been in the Lost and Found since 2/22 will be donated TODAY. You may claim your item(s) in the Lost and Found Room in the cafeteria.



Counselor’s Corner with Mrs. O


Tips for Positive Discipline

While parenting is a joy, it can also be exhausting. This is the first segment in a two-part series on parenting tips to assist you. Here are a few to help you parent in a positive way:

  1. Show respect by focusing on the behavior, not the child.

  2. Be firm, fair, and consistent. Consistency is key!

  3. Physical punishment teaches children that violence is ok.

  4. Act quickly so your child associates misbehavior with consequences.

  5. Fit the consequence to the behavior. For example, if your child draws on the wall, the consequence can be to clean the wall. 

  6. Cool down before you discipline- deep breaths. Remember, you are the role model.

  7. Catch them doing the right thing & give specific praise about the behavior you like.

Part 2 will come next month! I am here to help. I can be by calling 919-856-7723, through talking points or via e-mail:

Make it a great day!

Dreambox Usage


Students are expected to complete at least 5 lessons a week in Dreambox. A Harvard University study has shown that just 60 minutes of DreamBox lessons per week can fast-track your students up to two grade levels in a year. We recommend that students complete five or more lessons per week with DreamBox Learning because students who complete five lessons each week show more math growth than those who complete fewer lessons. One lesson takes about 15 minutes. Dreambox is adaptive and constantly responding to the skills and understanding of your child. Having your child complete at least one Dreambox lesson a week can help your child’s teacher better understand their need, extend their learning, and/or address learning gaps.


Upcoming Dates


March 18 - March 22 

Raise Craze Kindness Week 

March 25-29

Spring Break

Friday, April 12

Talent Show 

April 22 - 26 

Spring Book Fair 

Thursday, April 25 

International Night