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Principal Message 8-25- 23

Welcome Back! 


Thank you to all who showed up for last night's Meet the Teacher event. The event was a huge success and the staff were more than excited to welcome you back to a new school year. We can’t wait to see you again on Monday morning for our first day of school. As a reminder, the bell to allow students into the building rings at 8:45 followed by our instructional bell at 9:15. If you or your child arrives after the 9:15 bell, an adult is expected to walk the student into the building to help sign them in.  


Kindergarten students will only attend one day of school next week. This is known as your staggered entry day. Kindergarten families will find out their homeroom teachers on Friday, September 1, at the Kindergarten Meet the Teacher event from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. 


Office Closed Daily 3:30 - 4:15 


This year we will close our office for dismissal between 3:30 and 4:15. At this time, we will not be dismissing students from the office except in the event of emergencies. This is our busiest time of the day and we are completely committed to the safe and timely dismissal of all our students. We ask that if you know that you have to pick up a child for an appointment or special occasion you do so before this time or communicate the transportation change before 3:30. If your reason for early dismissal can wait we ask that you wait patiently in our carpool line as every minute of instruction matters. Fifteen minutes of missed instruction a day is more than an hour of missed instruction a week.  Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding. 


New Security Checkin - Photo ID required 


We will use our new security check-in for all visitors, late arrivals, and early departures. Your photo ID is required to visit any location on campus and to check out your child early any time during the school day. Please communicate this to all family members and other individuals who may participate in this process.  


Volunteers- You must register EVERY YEAR!  


All WCPSS parent and community volunteers are required to register through the MyVolunteer system.  If you wish to attend field trips, lead small groups, or volunteer in the classroom you must register to volunteer. 

Make sure you include your name and contact information when you begin the registration process.  If you leave the CRC background site before completing your contact information, you will have to begin the process again.

  • You must include your social security number to register to volunteer.  If you do not have a social security number, please contact or call 919-694-8233.
  • You will be notified by the MyVolunteer system if you are approved to volunteer.
  • Volunteer Registration LinkClick the link below to start your volunteer registration:

Talking Points


Please make sure that you have connected to Talking Points in order to receive communication from your classroom teachers.  Talking Points allow families and teachers to communicate through a two-way multilingual platform. With Talking Points, you can reply in your own language and the teacher will receive the message in English. The software used in Talking Points syncs directly to the contact information we have in PowerSchool. If you believe you have trouble connecting or communicating with your child’s classroom teacher via Talking Points first contact the teacher via email and if the problem is not resolved, check with our Data Manager ( )  to ensure that the information we have on file is correct.




BUS RIDERS: Please be patient with transportation as we work together to make sure that your child is safe and delivered to school in a timely manner. Remember that if your child is a bus rider they are required to have a bus tag to get on the bus in the afternoon and students in kindergarten and first grade are not allowed to get off the bus unless an adult is visible and recognizable. 


CARPOOL:  If you are in need of a carpool tag please visit our receptionist in the front office.  Our carpool is extremely quick and efficient. Please make sure that your carpool number is hanging in your window and facing the outside during dismissal. The first few weeks will be the slowest, but if you pay attention, follow the traffic pattern, and stop at the correct cone (and not your child)  we will be done in 30 minutes or less.  Thanks in advance. 


WALKERS: Visit the office if you need a walker tag. Remember that if your child is actually walking home they must leave the premises at dismissal. Families who choose to hang around and play at the playground must adhere to our playground rules


Coming Soon! 


Sept. 1 - K Meet the Teacher (2:00-3:00 pm) 

Sept. 4 - Holiday (No School)

Sept. 5 - Kindergarten Cheers and Tears (8:45 am - 9:45 am) 

Sept. 7 - Band Parent Info meeting (6 pm) 

Sept. 15 - Instructional Assistant  Day!

Sept. 25 - Teacher Workday