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Welcome to the 23 -24 School Year!


Wiley Elementary 23 -24 School Year 


Welcome to the 23 -24 school year. This year we will be celebrating over 100 years of growth as Wiley celebrates the 100th year anniversary of our original building and almost 125 years of nurturing and growing young minds in the Raleigh area. We have planned several events this year to allow you and the community to share your stories and memories of the Wonderful World of Wiley. Stay tuned for more information in the coming months. However, below are items important for the first weeks of school: 


Meet the Teacher:  Thursday, August 24, 2023 

Join us Thursday, August 24 between 5:00 & 6:30 pm to reconnect with your Wiley friends! Teacher assignments will be shared at this time along with general information regarding medication, school meals, transportation, YMCA Before/After School Care, and various Wiley community support organizations.  Students who ride the bus are asked to bring their backpacks so their new bus tags can be attached. 


Elective Registration

Elective options will be announced during the first weeks of school with time for you to review and discuss options with your child. 


Kindergarten Staggered Entry Dates  

Kindergarten students will attend only one day of school during the week of August 28. Staggered entry dates have been assigned and sent through the mail. For questions regarding staggered entry reach out to our data manager, Sharon  Barr (  or 919.856.7723). 

The Kindergarten Meet the Teacher event will be held on Friday, September 1 from 2 pm to 3 pm. Kindergarten homeroom teachers will be announced at this time.  September 5, will act as the first day of school for all kindergarten students. 


New Staff or Different Roles: 

Please join us in welcoming the new additions to our Wiley family and returning staff to new roles.: 

New Staff:

Different Positions:

Asia Williams - Kindergarten

Jutta Moore - First Grade 

Jeremy Glasson - P.E 

Alicia Durway - First Grade

Eric Wylie - Third Grade 

Hadley Cairns-Heath -Kindergarten 

Michelle Hoyles - AIG 

Payton. Cummings - 3rd grade   

Jalisa Brown  - ASL Pre K

David Spiker -  Pre K

Pauline Collins - ESL/Intervention



Supply List

Supply lists will be posted on the Wiley website. The current list posted online can be used as a reference. 


Upcoming Dates: Mark your calendars! 


Thursday, 8/24- Meet the Teacher-5 pm- 6:30 

Monday, 8/28 - First Day of School - 1st - 5th  

Monday 8/28 - Thurs. 8/31 - K Staggered Entry


Friday, 9/1 - K Meet the Teacher - 2 pm - 3 

Monday, 9/4 - No School - Labor Day 

Tuesday, 9/5 - K Cheers & Tears 9 am - 9:30

Tuesday, 9/5 - First day for ALL Kinders 

Thursday 9/7 - Parent Band Meeting  6pm

Monday, 9/25 - Teacher  Workday 

Thursday, 9/28 - Open House -  5:30 pm - 7 pm


Arrival & Dismissal Procedures

A consistent pick-up plan is extremely important for your child.  Please ensure that your child is aware of changes that are made.  If last-minute changes are necessary you must communicate changes with the teacher and/or the main office (919-856-7723) prior to 3:15 to ensure that the new plan is communicated and followed. Adults coming into the building to pick up students must have a valid ID AND be indicated on the child’s locator card.

To promote safe and efficient dismissal routines, students leaving early for appointments should be picked up in the office by 3:15. We will not call students to the main office to be picked up during dismissal.  We ask that if you wish to pick up your child during dismissal you wait in our carpool line as this is much faster than coming inside. 


  • General bus information can be found on the WCPSS website here. under the ‘PARENTS’ tab. Bus routes will be posted.

  • All registered bus riders will receive a BUS TAG noting route & contact information. *Bring your backpack with you to ‘Meet The Teacher’ and we can get you set with your tag!  Kindergarten students will receive tags on their Staggered Entry day. 

  • Plan to be at your bus stop 10 to 15 minutes prior to the communicated pick-up time. Kindergarten and 1st-grade students must be accompanied by an adult in the morning and afternoon. Bus drivers are not allowed to release these students off the bus without the presence of an identified/visible guardian or adult. 

  • Students MUST have their backpacks with them daily as their BUS TAG will be looped on the handle - this is their“ticket” to ride the bus and provides identifying information in the event of an emergency. It is VERY important that bus tags accompany your child daily if they intend to ride the bus. 

  • Timings of routes change frequently, especially at the beginning of the year (and sometimes return to campus). Make afternoon plans with extreme flexibility during the first few weeks of school.

  • Use the ‘Follow The Bus’ app to monitor your student’s bus location/timing. Register here -


Our carpool line moves smoothly and extremely quickly, likely the best in the district, so waiting in line should not be a problem.  Failing to wait in line actually creates more problems and delays than waiting patiently. More patience may be required during the first few weeks as we train new staff and students.  Thanks in advance for your patience! 

  • Carpool Tags

    • All families that frequently carpool should request a carpool tag here. Once a tag is requested you will receive a carpool number with two duplicate tags. If you lost your tag from last year or require a new number you must make a request. Only two tags are provided by request. If changes need to be made to remove or add names you should also complete the carpool tag request. 

  • Arrival

    • If you arrive before 8:45, please line up on College Place to help avoid congestion for those needing to access the parking lot. You may move to the drop-off zone at 8:45. 

    • Turn right into the parking lot off of College Place and follow the flow around to the drop-off area (marked by cones). 

    • DO NOT drop students off at the street. Please proceed through the carpool loop as detailed above. 

    • Stay in the carpool line sequence and do not attempt to pass other cars as this makes the situation quite dangerous for students and staff. 

    • Prepare your child to unload quickly by having all materials ready and saying goodbye before you get to the cones. If your child experiences extreme delays or hesitations getting out of the car, park and accompany them to the front door.  Staff members and safety patrol will be on-hand daily to assist students out of the car - please do not get out of your car as this slows the line.

  • Dismissal

    • The carpool line will begin “stacking”on College Place as if you were preparing to turn right into the parking lot/carpool loop.

    • The first few cars should NOT enter the parking lot until directed to do so at 3:45 (This prevents congestion in the parking lot before dismissal actually begins.) 

    • If you elect to ask another individual to pick up your student in the carpool loop, they MUST have a carpool tag. If you need extras, let us know. 

    • Do not attempt to pass other cars once in the carpool line/sequence. 


  • Arrival 

    • Students that arrive on campus on foot use the entrance located on  Calvin Drive nearest our bus loop. An adult may opt to walk their student up to the door, but they are not allowed to enter the building with their student. 

    • Please do NOT park in the main parking lot if you intend to use the walker option. If you must drive and park, use street parking around the school. Be careful to note ‘No Parking’ areas. 

    • K families will be allowed to walk their students to the exterior door that leads directly into the kindergarten classrooms. 

  • Dismissal 

    • Students designated as ‘walkers’ will meet their adult at the north playground area. You will drop your WALKERS CARD with your student/s’ name/s in the basket and students will be called individually to meet you outside.

    • Students may not re-enter the building at this location. If re-entry is necessary for the student, he/she must access the building at the Main Entrance. 

    • If you wish to allow your 4th or 5th-grade student to walk home on their own, we will issue them a “special” walkers card that will allow them to bypass the process of walkers’ dismissal. To take advantage of this opportunity, families must email Katie Ware ( to acknowledge permission. These students MUST depart campus as soon as they are dismissed. They are not allowed to remain on campus without adult supervision. ·   

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