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Principal's Message 9 -12-22


Last week was a short week where we welcomed all our kindergarten students to a full week and continued to practice routines and procedures. Please continue to work with us as we navigate the task of implementing new procedures and addressing issues that occur in the process. We appreciate your patience and understanding. 


Excused Absences for Religious/Educational Reasons


As you make plans for the school year, we ask that you submit requests for excused educational or religious absences well in advance. All requests should be submitted at least two to three weeks prior to the requested dates. According to policy, excused absences for educational reasons are authorized for educational experiences that are comparable to school academic experiences. The intent of the experience should be educational from the outset and an academic assignment (i.e journal entry, reflection, presentation, images, project, etc.) will be required as verification of the educational experience.  Family trips and vacations that were not designed, initially, to be educational will not be excused. The form linked here should be used to request the excused dates prior to the absence. 


Talking Points


Please make sure that you have connected to Talking Points in order to receive communication from your classroom teachers.  Talking Points allows families and teachers to communicate through a two-way multilingual platform. With Talking Points you can reply in your own language and the teacher will receive the message in English. The software used in Talking Points syncs directly to the contact information we have in Powerschool. If you believe you have trouble connecting or communicating with your child’s classroom teacher via Talking Points first contact the teacher via email and if the problem is not resolved check with our Data Manager (  to ensure that the information we have on file is correct. 




Again, I would like to reiterate the importance of arriving at school on time and avoiding the habit of picking your child up early. We believe that every instructional minute is important and if we are going to accelerate the learning process of all students, ensuring  that they are future ready learners, it is important that Wiley students are at school on time all day. We understand that there are extenuating circumstances that may prevent this from happening at times throughout the year, but we ask that you do your best to make sure that your child is present at school as close to 9:15 am as possible.



Afterschool Clubs


Registration for the fall session of Wiley Clubs is now open! Wiley’s PTA coordinates three six-week sessions of Clubs throughout the school year, which are led by teachers and are administered by TEK. Each club session includes Chess Club, and a variety of other offerings.


This session's clubs will be on Wednesdays starting on Sept. 28 and running till Nov. 2. Students will remain at Wiley upon dismissal and will be supervised until pick up at 5:30pm.


For more information on this session's clubs and how to register, visit  


Registration closes on Wednesday, Sept 14 at 6pm.


Get Involved


The Wiley PTA is on a mission to help make each child’s potential a reality. By joining the Wiley PTA you are helping to foster a solid and collaborative school community while supporting Wiley’s teachers and staff, our students, and their families.


The first PTA meeting of the school year is a virtual meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 14 at 6pm. Check out join the PTA and contact VP Marilyn Lall for more information about this week's meeting.


Sustainability Committee Interest Meeting

On Tuesday, Sept. 20 from 8:50-10am, join us after drop-off at the Walker Entrance to discuss upcoming projects which include a sustainability master plan, garden and landscaping projects, playground shade, and much more!

For more information, please contact Lauren Miller at