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Principal's Message 9-6-22


First Week Finished! 


Congratulations on a successful first week of school! Thank you for your patience and understanding as we practice and implement new procedures. Please note that this week all kindergarten families will begin their first full week of school.  This may cause a few delays during arrival and dismissal, but I have no doubt that we will quickly get back into a steady routine of drop-off and pick-up. 


Last week, students did an amazing job practicing the new and improved Wiley Way. Continue to speak to your child at home about what it looks like to Work Collaboratively, Act with Empathy, Yield to Kindness, and Respect themselves and others. 


Kindergarten Families - First Week - Cheers and Tears (9/6 9 am -10 am ) 


Welcome to your first full week of kindergarten at Wiley. Remember that we will host our Wiley Cheers and Tears this morning in the Learning Commons from 9 am to 10 am.  This is an opportunity for you to meet other kindergarten families and celebrate or cry collectively if you wish.


This week we will allow kindergarten parents/guardians to escort their children to class. This is not the time to linger or attempt to conference with the homeroom teacher. Help your child practice independence by decreasing your support each day (move from walking to the classroom door to the stairs and finally, the main entrance). Please have your child prepared to walk to class by themselves by the end of the week. Adults will be on duty to assist with getting students to class each morning. If you plan to escort your child to class, do not disrupt the morning carpool by parking in the flow of traffic. Respect others


New Receptionist and Procedures 


Help us welcome our new receptionist Anna Joiner to the Wiley family. Mrs. Joiner will likely be the first face and voice you hear and see when you call or visit Wiley. Her job is to assist you and make sure we all remain safe.  As she does not yet know all of our families, she will take several precautions to make sure that you are who you say you are and that you properly sign your child in and out. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Yield to Kindness 




Make sure that you have your child at school by 9:15 am each morning. We will continue to demonstrate grace as you make your best effort to arrive before the tardy bell rings. We will soon begin marking students tardy.  The first bell to allow students into the building will ring at 8:45 am with instruction beginning at the sound of the 9:15 bell. Consistently late students consistently miss instruction. 




Dismissal begins at 3:45 pm. If there are changes to be made to the way in which your child normally goes home, please communicate this with your child and their homeroom teacher. If you need to communicate a change that was not communicated, we ask that you call and communicate this with the front office prior to 2:30 pm. We understand that emergencies occur and communicating with us as soon as possible will ensure that the message is delivered in a timely manner. We also ask if you wish to check your child out early that you do so prior to 3:15 pm. Checking your child out after 3:15 interferes with dismissal procedures for everyone else. Work Collaboratively and Act with Empathy


Carpool Tags


If you are still in need of a carpool tag please call or stop by the office. Continue to be patient as we process your request. We will not be using the yellow sheets of paper used for carpool in previous years. These cards can be discarded or shared with others in situations where multiple numbers are requested. Each family will only receive two carpool tags. 


Afterschool Clubs


Registration for the fall session of Wiley Clubs opens on Sept 7 at 6 pm. Wiley’s PTA coordinates three six-week sessions of Clubs throughout the school year, which are led by teachers and administered by TEK. Each club session includes Chess Club and a variety of other offerings. This year's clubs will be after school on Wednesdays (not Tuesdays, like last year). Check out this session's clubs and how to register here:


Wiley Band


Join the Wiley Band! Registration is now open for the Wiley Band. Band meets before school (8-8:45) twice a week; Beginning Band M & W, Continuing Band T & R. If you have already registered or are interested in joining, please attend the Wiley Band Information Meeting this Thursday, September 8th at 6:30 at Wiley. Read more and register here:


Wiley Directory


Want to connect with other Wiley families? New this year, the Wiley PTA has built an opt-in Family Directory. To opt-in or learn more: