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Carpool Tag Information

Carpool Tags 


Please complete the following form (22 -23 Carpool Tag Request Form/Espanol) if your child will be a car rider at any time this year. We will continue to use carpool numbers for the 22 -23 school year. Each family will receive 2 carpool tags. If you have a special situation in which you often (multiple times a month) pick up different children, please request an additional carpool tag for the most frequent combination and an additional tag/number for the other car pool combination.  Different carpool numbers will be assigned to different combinations of  students, NOT different adults picking up that child. Please do not request more than one  number unless the tag will be used frequently.  If you need more than two tags with the same number please call the office. Communicate your request to our lead secretary. We will do our best to assign the same numbers that were used last year. Please complete this form to assist with this task. (ENGLISH/SPANISH)