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BIMAS-2: Universal Screener of Social, Emotional & Behavioral Health

Dear Family Members, 

In our continuing efforts to support the well-being of all our students, we will be administering a universal screener of social, emotional & behavioral health. Our district is using the Behavior Intervention Monitoring Assessment System-2 (BIMAS-2) research-based screening tool. We believe this will help all of our students thrive academically by identifying students who may benefit from additional social and emotional supports and interventions, much like some students benefit from additional academic supports and interventions. 

This will not require you or your child to do anything. Your child’s homeroom teacher will complete a questionnaire about your child’s actions and emotions displayed in class during a one-week time span.  

Examples of some of the questions include:  

  • During the past week, this student shared what they were thinking about. 
  • During the past week, this student had trouble paying attention. 
  • During the past week, this student followed directions. 
  • During the past week, this student acted sad or withdrawn. 

    For each question, the teacher will answer “never,” “rarely,” “sometimes,” “often,” or “very often.”  

    This information helps us to understand the needs of all our students and how we can best serve and support them. This will also provide us with data to help determine school-wide programs, interventions, and training needs for staff.  

    If you would like more information about the universal screener, please visit our website at You can also email or call our school counselor, Mr. Przybowski at 919-577-1700 Ext. 20321 or    
You can opt your child out of this screening. If you want to do so, please follow the instructions on the form and return it to your child's teacher only if, you want to opt them out. 

Michael Przybowski

School Counselor

Holly Grove Elementary School