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Celebrations of Learning

Hello Wilburn families, you are invited to participate in our celebrations of learning for quarter 2. Students have worked hard, and are ready to impress you with high quality end of quarter Literacy projects. Please join us on Dec.16 for kindergarten, and Dec.21 for 1st-5th grades. Times and locations are on the flyers!


ELA Kinder 12/16 at 1, 1st 12/21 at 9:45, 2nd 12/21 at 9:303rd 12/21 at 12:45, 4th 12/21 at 9:50, 5th 12/21 at 11:00Celebration of learning Kinder 12/16, 1st 12/21, 2nd 12/213rd 12/21, 4th 12/21, 5th 12/21