What is special about Kindergarten?

  • We believe that Kindergarten is the model for lifelong learning. Kindergarten students make huge growth both academically and socially. This year students will learn the foundational skills that will be built upon in every grade level following. We use the program Letterland to introduce phonics skills in a fun and memorable way. We build on those phonics skills learned with further reading comprehension and decoding so that students can become independent readers. Writing is integrated throughout the Kindergarten curriculum in ways such as opinion writing using different types of weather, informational writing during our animal studies, and narrative writing by telling about small moments in their own lives. Although students enter Kindergarten with varying backgrounds and knowledge, we work as a team to ensure that they leave Kindergarten with a sense of independence, confidence, and value. 


  • We want our parents to have access to resources that will help them support their children's success. Below are links to various types of resources, sorted by grade and subject. Take a look, and contact your child's teacher to see how you might be able to support your child's progress at home.