• This school year we will continue our learning journey, and we are excited to have each of you at West Lake. On our voyage, students will continue to learn what it means to walk the Wallaby Way: Respectful, Responsible, Ready to Learn, and Safe. Together, we will continue to expand our knowledge of the Common Core State Standards and couple this with a rigorous curriculum as we strive to challenge our students. All of these items will help lead our students down the path of success.

    Our staff has been working diligently to ensure that our students flourish. However, our students’ success would not be possible without your support and dedication. Learning is incomplete without a partnership between the home and the school. This is the most important aspect of education. Thus, we thank you for being our partner in your child’s academic career and for helping us to ensure the best educational experience possible.

    To provide the best learning environment possible, a West Lake Parent-Student Handbook has been created to provide you with important information. Our school’s Parent-Student Handbook is available on the school website under the Parent Information tab. The handbook is a compilation of information about the policies and procedures of West Lake Elementary School. Please take time to review our Parent-Student Handbook. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.