Student Council

  • Student council representative are elected each school year.  One boy and one girl representative are selected from 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade.  The students attend a monthly meeting, held before their classes (around 7:25 am).  The election process can vary from classroom to classroom, students may have to give speeches, complete a writing passage, etc...), it is entirely to their teacher.  Students then vote on their representatives.  Some of the duties associated with a student council representative include: 
    -Discussing upcoming school news with the classroom after each meeting
    -Volunteering for community service projects (Can and Coat Drive, Christmas charity program, WLE fundraisers, Wallapalooza and more)
    -Participating in designing posters and flyers for upcoming events at WLE
    -Offering suggestions and ideas to improve the overall student outlook at WLE
    -and more...




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