• *See below for a map detailing updated carpool procedures while Holly Springs Road is under construction:

    (carpool will be directed through the front lot and drop off in the back lot.  In the afternoon, walkers will dismiss fron the front of the school, and carpool will pick up from the back lot in the same way as they drop off in the AM.  Bus routes will remain the same.)

    carpool map

    Carpool Information
    The main carpool loop is your primary location for carpool traffic. Staff are available to supervise in the mornings at 7:45am. Students should not be dropped off before. At about 7:55 when all bus routes have arrived, the bus loop will be opened by Holly Springs PD as a secondary bus loop. When this happens, we ask that all traffic coming from the HRES and HSES side of campus use the bus loop for drop-off and that all traffic from the Middle Creek HS side of campus use the main loop. This keeps traffic flowing quickly.

    We ask that you not drop off at the back of the building or in the parking lot as that causes a safety issue.

    It is important to note that dropping students off in the neighborhood behind the school is both dangerous and prohibited by town ordinance.  If you have questions or concerns, please contact The School Resource Officer for HRMS with the Holly Springs Police Departments.

    Afternoon carpool is only in the main loop.

    While it is impossible for us to monitor all students walking to and from campus in the morning and afternoon, we do ask that parents send a note with students who are walkers. This will help us to quickly keep track of students when necessary.

    A Few Notes for Afternoons:

    1. We will not approve for any student to ride a bus other than their own.
    2. If your student is going home in a way other than what they typically do, please be sure they share that with the office and/or their 7th period teacher.