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Field Trip Information

  • Field trips can enhance classroom learning through real life contact with the topic of study. Prior approval is required for students to participate in school sponsored trips. When the field trip encompasses the regular lunch schedule, students may bring a lunch from home or request a bag lunch in advance from the school cafeteria.
    Many school field trips can be paid for through the arranged Online School Payment Portal.
    Approximately two field trips are planned per grade level per school year.  A Wake County parental consent form will be issued to each student, for parents to give permission for their child to attend the arranged field trip.  The form must be completed and returned in order for the child to attend the trip.  Parents are no longer allowed to give permission over the phone allowing their child to attend a field trip.  Information pertaining to the arranged trips will be sent home by the classroom teacher giving the parent sufficient notice.  This information will include:  the date, time, destination, supplies needed, and cost.  Parents are expected to return the permission form back to the classroom teacher the following day after the permission form has been issued.