• Brand Identity



    The Peak of GREAT Learning.



    Our mascot symbolizes our school and the spirit of the community.




    Color is one of the most visible components of any school identity. It should be used with consistency to ensure that the integrity of the identity is maintained. It is important when producing the broad range of materials used by Apex Middle and its stakeholders, that all attempts are made to match the colors specified below. When choosing additional colors for background graphics and typography, always ensure they complement our core identity colors.

  • green school color

    Pantone: 356 C

    CMYK: 96.48,26.65,100,15.01

    RGB: 0,121,52

    Hex: #007934

  • yellow school color

    Pantone: 116 C

    CMYK: 0.17,18.3,100,0

    RGB: 255,205,0

    Hex: #FFCD00

  • black school color

    CMYK: 0,0,0,100

    RGB: 0,0,0

    Hex: #000000

  • Logos

    Our logo is a beautiful mix of our school colors and the incorporation of our mascot to solidify who we are as a school. The proper use of our logo is important for keeping our school identity. Below are the approved variations of the school logo.

    circle school logofull school logomascot in letter school logomascot school logobw school logo