School Improvement

  • The purpose of school improvement is to improve achievement and outcomes for every student by working to eliminate the ability to predict achievement based on socioeconomic status, race, and ethnicity.

    We do this by collaboratively and continuously analyzing data and making decisions considering the unique needs of the learning community and the district's strategic plan.


  • School Improvement Leadership Team Membership 2020-21

    Approved by Staff Vote on September 28, 2020

    Lucy Bailey

    Special Education Teacher

    Jennifer Tate

    G7 Math Teacher

    Stephanie Mitchell


    Sue DePerno

    G6 Science Teacher

    Marianne Farina

    CTE Teacher

    Lynn Flood


    Regina Gould

    Grade 6 Counselor

    Robbin Jones

    G8 English Language Arts Teacher

    Paige Hutto

    Special Education Teacher

    Carrie Jacobs

    G8 Assistant Principal

    William Kimble

    G6 Assistant Principal

    Christine Bensley

    G6 ELA Teacher

    Andrew MacWilliams

    Healthful Living Teacher

    Jennifer Lozada

    ESL Teacher

    Donna McAlonen

    Media Coordinator

    Jana Moreno

    World Languages Teacher

    Kenneth Perry

    G7 Assistant Principal

    Dana Pilkington

    AIG Teacher

    Mary Rebando

    G7 Math

    Jessica Schmitt

    Chorus Teacher

    Stacy Shaddix

    G7 ELA Teacher

    Natalie Silverthorn

    G7 Social Studies Teacher

    Kristen Uhrig

    Teacher Assistant

    Monica Yllanes


    Robert Epler

    Area Assistant

    School Improvement Leadership Team (SILT) Meeting Dates 2020-2021 

    If you are interested in attending a School Improvement Team meeting, please contact our Leadership Chair, Jana Moreno at or 919.387.2181 




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