• Purpose of PowerSchool

    PowerSchool provides students and parents access to student progress in real time. We recommend that parents and students discuss grades and progress on a weekly basis to ensure that students are staying on track. At WECIB, we will intervene any time a student's grade falls below a "B" average in any class. 


    Parent Access to PowerSchool

    Use this form if you will complete with a NOTARY.

    Use this form if you will hand deliver with a PHOTO ID.

    Complete the access request form and return it to the Data Manager a your school or email them to jcaprio@wcpss.net. Once your school has the completed form we will email you a welcome letter and a link to a Quick Guide.


    Parent/Guardian Portal

    Use this link to log into the PowerSchool/Homebase portal. 

    Use this link for the Parent Portal Quick Reference Card.

    For more information, use this link.