• BPA Bengal Pride  Ambassadors consists of 8th grade students representing Fuquay Varina Middle School.  These students demonstrate leadership, good judgment, maturity, honesty and integrity while upholding their responsibilities in the classroom.  It is an  honor to be  part of the  Bengal Pride Ambassador group exhibiting a  positive role model for peers.   Students have opportunities to encourage, support and promote a safe and caring school environment along with maintaining a positive and respectful attitude at all times toward students, teachers and administrators.


     Bengal Pride Ambassadors represent PRIDE through:

       P – preparation

       R – respect

       I  - integrity

       D - determination

       E -  excellence


    Recruitment for new ambassadors occurs at the end of a student's 7th grade year.  


    Ms. Allison Holstein is the Bengal Ambassador Coordinator


    919-557-2727 ext. 24117