Dress Out Policy

  • Students are expected to dress out while in PE & Fitness. For hygiene issues, this must be a separate set of clothing not worn to school on that day.

    Required dress includes:

    Grey, Black White, or ANY crew neck t-shirt that says Durant on it
    Grey, Black, or White athletic shorts
    Athletic Shoes & Socks
    * Sweatpants and sweatshirts of any color are allowed as long as the appropriate dress out short and t-shirt is worn under the sweats.
                                  Dress Out Clothes    Dress Out Clothes 1    Dress Out Clothes 2
                                       Dress Out Clothes 3                  Dress Out Clothes 4                     Dress Out Clothes 5
    **After dressing out students are expected to enter the gym and begin walking the perimeter of the gym, unless otherwise directed. Once the music and/or whistle blows, students should sit in their FIT GRID Attendance lines. Students who choose not dress out for the period should not enter the locker room for any reason. We do not give partial credit for students who only want to change their pants/shorts or shirts. If students are not dressing out completely, including having the right athletic shoes, they are not to enter the locker room for any reason. For example, if students bring PE clothes but only have flip-flops to wear, they will not be considered dressed out for the day and must not enter the locker room to change the clothes they brought**

    Multiple warnings for failure to follow expectations will result in disciplinary documentation.