• Diabetes School Act


      Senate Bill 911-G.S. 115C-47- Care for School Children with Diabetes mandates the adoption of guidelines for the development and implementation of diabetes care plans. The guidelines were developed by the State Board of Education, with input from the NC Diabetes Advisory Council and American Diabetes Association.


      The following procedures were adopted regarding the management of children with diabetes in the school setting:

      • A parental request to initiate an Individual Diabetes Care Plan
      • Parent/guardian(s) responsibilities for the Individual Diabetes Care Plan
      • The Individual Diabetes Care Plan – which includes the emergency action plan for conditions of low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) and high blood sugar (hyperglycemia), as well as information on the individual’s blood sugar monitoring, insulin and oral medications, and food/exercise requirements
      • School responsibilities for the Individual Diabetes Care Plan
      • Information and training will be made available to teachers and other school personnel in order to appropriately support and assist students with diabetes.