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    Renee Petway

    Renee Petway

    “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” —A.A. Milne

    Truly excited to be a part of the Early Learning Center family! It’s a pleasure to assist teachers and impact students every day. I’m a kind, friendly, patient, creative, enthusiastic, and hardworking Instructional Assistant. I have a passion for inspiring and helping all children reach their best potential.

    I’m a full-time Instructional Assistant with over 8 years of experience supporting in the Pre-K classrooms. I understand the important impact teachers have on reaching and educating students and how my role as an Instructional Assistant helps them complete their responsibilities.

    I have many skills I offer as an Instructional Assistant. These include excellent communication, classroom arrangement, behavior management, relationship building, and bonding skills I’ve developed during my educational and professional life, which I hope to add to the legacy of the Early Learning Center.

    Renee Petway lives in Knightdale, NC. Married to Richard Petway II, blessed with a beautiful family of 5. I attended North Carolina Central University in English Communications-Electronic Media and Raleigh Biblical Studies. I love to inspire, sing, dance, and create! My one funny fact is I love to watch baking and cooking shows daily, but I can’t cook lol.

    RENEE loves people.

    RENEE loves ministry.

    Renee loves creating.

    Candice Pearson

    Candice Pearson

    Hello, my name is Candice Pearson. I'm thrilled to be working as an instructional assistant at the Early Learning Center at Memory Road. For the past 12 years, I've worked in transportation for WCPSS, working with children from pre-kindergarten through high school. I'm now pursuing a bachelor's degree in B-K Leisure and Early Childhood Education. I relocated to North Carolina from New York in 2005 and have been here ever since. I'm a military wife with five amazing children. I like to travel and spend time with my friends and family. In my new role, I'm excited about serving my community while also developing professionally as a teacher.

    Ashley Holland

    Ashley Holland

    Hello, my name is Ashley Holland. You can call me Ms. Ashley. I am so excited to be part of the Early Learning Center at Memory Road Family. This is my first year with WCPSS and as a Pre-K Instructional Assistant. I have always had a passion for working with children. I was born and raised here in Raleigh, NC. I have 5 wonderful children (2 boys and 3 girls) who are my world!!! I love to spend time with my children, travel, and learn new hobbies during my free time. I am currently studying Early Childhood Education at Vance-Granville Community College with plans to move to a Birth to Kindergarten Program with Shaw University or North Carolina Central University. It is my pleasure to work with each family this year.