• Inclement Weather Update 1/4/2023


    Around 1:30pm today, a weather alert sounded on our weather radio stating that Wake County was under a tornado warning until 1:45pm. Out of an abundance of caution, we alerted staff and students to shelter in place. This means that individuals move to locations in the building that are away from glass windows or exterior doors. The warning lasted about 15 minutes total. Administration circulated throughout the building to ensure that all was well and that students were doing okay. I am proud to report that students and staff yet again rose to greatness and did a phenomenal job.


    As you know, throughout the year we practice different types of safety drills to ensure that staff and students know what to do should a situation arise. Typically, our annual inclement weather drill occurs in March, so I am sure we will be more than ready this year when that time comes based on how well everyone did today. We have since moved back to school business and our daily schedule as usual. I just wanted to let you know if your child comes home today sharing this exciting event with you and what they did. 


    Kate Williams, Principal