• Please be sure to sign up with the PTA to be notified of opportunities to volunteer.


    If you are going to volunteer at Briarcliff you must complete the volunteer registration during school hours on school days in the office.  Ring the bell and office staff will point you to the computer you can use.  It is all online.

    Please note: Central office approves volunteers.  We do not have a list of volunteers available to check this year, per Wake County.  Please be sure to leave your name with the office staff when you come to sign up so that they may check on the status of your application.  Be advised we have received no approved volunteers list at this time and have not heard back from our emails.  We will try to contact you by email as soon as we hear from central office - Questions?  Please contact central office.

    Deadline for volunteer registration 2021-2022 school year is 11/30/21.