• To ensure student, parent, and staff safety and an efficient flow of traffic there are specific procedures for the carpool lane and students who walk to school at Martin: 
    General Information
    • Students may enter the building at 7:00 a.m. Adult supervision is not available prior to this time. We strongly encourage you to arrive as close to 7:00 a.m. as possible to reduce your wait time in the carpool line.
    • Student pick-up and drop-off must take place in designated areas using only the lower entrance from Horton Street.
    • Access to carpool is only permitted using the right lane of Horton Street from Ridge Road. 
      • Do not use the service entrance from the bus lot and attempt to cut in line. This service entrance for Special Transportation Services only.
    • Ridge Road is a two-lane road. It is unsafe to drop off or pick up students in the bike lanes on either side of the road due to traffic. Parking or standing in the bike lane is therefore prohibited. 
    • From 7:00-7:30 a.m. there should be no left turns from Horton Street on to Ridge Road. All exiting traffic should exit right towards Wake Avenue to permit smoother traffic flow.
    • The carpool loop is shared with our Special Transportation cabs and other families transporting students with special needs who are permitted to use the service entrance. Please be considerate of these vehicles as they attempt to enter the carpool loop.
    Morning Drop-Off Procedures
    • The lead car should pull all the way to the end of the covered awning to allow for more vehicles to unload. This means pulling past the Student Services doorway to the entrance just past the gymnasium. 
    • Pull up in line as far as possible. Do not leave large gaps in the line.
      • If your child is temporarily using crutches or a wheelchair, please pull into the Special Transportation Zone at the Main Office entrance.
    • Do not pull out of line to attempt to exit the line before cars in front of you move forward. This is very dangerous as students are unloading from both sides of cars in the morning. 
    Afternoon Pick-Up Procedures
    • Before 2:15, cars will be stopped and lined up before the service entrance to allow our Special Transportation cabs into their loading zone as these students board their transportation prior to dismissal.
    • Cars should line up single file in the order of arrival. Do not leave cars unattended in the carpool line. 
    • Stress to your student(s) that they need to report to carpool promptly following the dismissal bell and remain alert for your arrival. 
    • Students must wait on the sidewalk until their car has made a full stop in the loading zone. 
    • Students may only board on the curb side of the loading area in the afternoon as cars pull out of line to exit the campus.
    • Please DO NOT talk on cell phones as you pull into the loading area. The jeopardizes the safety of students, staff, and other parents in the loading zone. 
    • If cars ahead of you have left but your child has not yet reported to the carpool area continue moving forward to allow room for vehicles behind you to pull forward and pick up their students.
    • Students are expected to be picked up by 2:40 p.m.
      • Students may remain on campus after 2:40 p.m. ONLY if they under supervision by a teacher, coach, or other staff member
    Thank you for following these procedures!
    You are helping our carpool run safely and efficiently.