• Important Car Pool Information

    Carpool Parents, 

    It has been a great start to the 2019-2020 school year. We count on parents to be leaders and role models for the children so we ask you to please follow the important procedures below, so that we may have safe and efficient carpool dismissals. 

    Morning Procedures

    Allow a safety patroller or another adult to open your child’s car door for a safe exit and wait for your child and the safety patrol student/adult to travel to the curb before leaving.

    If at all possible, dismiss your child from the passenger side.

    Please do not exit your car, an adult or safety patrol member will assist your child.

    For the safety of all, please refrain from cell phone use while in the car pool loop.

    Afternoon Procedures

    Clearly display your number on your mirror. 

    Do NOT pass any cars. If you need to park, please wait until you reach the parking area. If it is an emergency, please call 919-365-8990 and we will assist you. 

    Travel slowly through the line and wait for your child and pull to the next available Otter. Students are coming out when they see their car pool number on a screen.

    Please remain in the car – a safety patroller or an adult will help your child load.

    Plan on your child loading on the right side of your car. Safety patrollers are not allowed to load on the other side of the car. If this is an issue, you may flag an adult down.

    If you need to buckle your child, please pull into the parking lot beside the school. For the safety of all, please refrain from cell phone use once the car pool line is moving.

    Teach your child their number… for K/1 students, teach them to hear and see their number using single numbers only (i.e. 489 = 4-8-9 rather than 4 hundred eighty-nine).

    Be in line by no later than 4:00pm. If you are unable to arrive prior to 4:15, you will need to arrange for after school care. We provide after school care for all students at a fee. 

    Please do not park and enter the building to dismiss your child after 3:30. Your child will not be dismissed until after the bell rings. All students should be dismissed via the carpool line. 

    Thank you for adhering to our policies so that we may have a safe and faster car-pool!!