• WCPSS Launches Substitute Recruitment Effort

    Among the many challenges the Wake County Public School System faces due to the pandemic is a shortage of substitute teachers. Therefore, we are launching an aggressive recruitment effort to increase the number of subs in our district.

    “We Need You; They Need You” aims to encourage parents, retirees (including retired teachers) and those who support public schools to consider serving as substitute teachers.

    Substitutes perform an invaluable role by ensuring continuity for our students during a teacher’s absence. They build a bridge to brighter futures for our students by helping them stay on course with their learning.

    During the last two weeks leading up to winter break, there was a shortage of as many as 200 substitute teachers on any given day. In order to fill substitute positions, we must increase the hiring pool for these individuals.

    Substitute teachers do not need to have previous teaching experience, nor do they have to be certified as teachers. They should have a high school diploma or GED equivalent and complete a short online training course.

    Being a substitute teacher offers a flexible work schedule, along with the opportunity to pursue teaching as a career.

    Also, the Board of Education has approved a Temporary Incentive Pay plan for substitutes through spring semester.

    Those interested may find more information, including compensation and how to apply, at wcpss.net/subs.