Child Nutrition Services

Child Nutrition Services

  • When schools reopen, parents will understandably have many questions regarding the safety of their children while they are at school, as well as how services will change for students at school for face-to-face instruction and those learning remotely or enrolled in Virtual Academy.

    Meals will be free for all students through June 2021. Breakfast and lunch will be available at no cost for all students who are learning in-person within the school, as well as students who are remote learning, including students in Virtual Academy. Meals will be served via the service method that is chosen by the principal and cafeteria staff. In addition, meals will continue to be served at curbside feeding sites listed at Meals are limited to one breakfast and one lunch per student per day, and students do not need to enter their student ID to receive meals.

    School administrators and CNS staff will be working together to provide meal service options that ensure the safety of students and staff, while providing the meals that students need to fuel learning throughout the school day. WCPSS has released updated health and safety measures for eating and drinking at school. To view the update visit


    Meal Service Options

    Many factors are considered when deciding on the best service option or combination of options for each school. The information below summarizes the possible meal service options provided by CNS; however, all of these options may not be available at your child’s school.  

    Principals and CNS staff will consider school layout, staffing, flow of traffic, bell schedule, and ease of access to service areas, as well as other factors, in determining the best option for their student population. The types of meal services offered may change over the course of the school year, depending on feedback from school administrators, CNS staff, and students, as well as changes to regulatory guidance.

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